10 peaceful pauses #parentingpeace

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Just a minute. You only need a moment. Oh God what you wouldn’t give for just one moment of peace right now!

Whether it’s 60seconds to catch your breath, close your eyes and calm down or a quick pick-me-up activity, snatching time, pushing pause, can work wonders. Freeze frame the whirl around you and feel the difference.

Here’s how.

    • Apply lipstick just before you walk out the door – Select your preferred lipstick (don’t just grab the first one you can find- I only have 3-4 so it’s not hard). Stand in front of a mirror and smile at yourself. Now apply carefully. You can use a lip-liner and gloss too if you want to feel extra special. Stop to survey the result in the mirror. Smile again. Do this whether you are heading to work or out for the day, or simply on a quick school run in your #comfywomfy (as Mrs Woog would say). Lipstick will make all the difference, and a smear-on at the lights just doesn’t work the same magic on your lips, or your life.Applying lipstick
    • An extra minute brushing your teeth in the morning rush hour – Whether you have great dental hygiene habits or settle for a quick brush, your teeth, smile and self will benefit from an extra minute of attention. I know I tend to brush thoroughly at night, not so much in the morning and I often forego flossing. You’ll feel better about smiling through the day if you can flash extra pearly whites (obviously do this activity prior to lipstick).
    • Breakfast indulgence – set the table, good teacups, flowers and all and freshly squeezed juice if you can manage. It might take longer than a minute but if you make time to eat a proper breakfast (and we all know we should) then a little extra time to enjoy it will make the day easier to digest. The lovely Zanni Louise does it regularly in her Little Sunshine House – I must admit to only managing this on some Sundays. (obviously do this one before the teeth brushing and the lipstick)
    • sunshine-sunday-ritual-breakfast
    • Red lights –the universe’s way of telling you to slow down. Stop to savour them on the way home from school drop-off (listen, can you hear the peace?) or even the way to work. Hate them when you’re running late, but learn to love them whenever you can. Sometimes I even find myself slowing down a little to get the amber light – life can wait.
    • Out-stare someone you love – how often do we really look into the eyes of someone, even those people we love a lot? If our eyes are windows to the soul then we don’t truly experience each other without prolonged eye contact. It’s a fun game with the kids, a romantic gesture with a partner, and great to try out on yourself in the mirror!
    • Random reading – pick up a random book and open to any page and just read. This doesn’t work with blog posts or newspaper articles – it’s reading for the sole purpose of transporting yourself somewhere else for a minute. It’s a jolt out of your life into a fictional or non-fictional situation – a literary pick-me-up that provides a flash of a new perspective.
    • Let your child brush your hair – this probably won’t work if your children are aged over 12 or under two, but anywhere in between and you have a potential hair-stylist on your hands. There’s nothing quite like the sensation of a little person brushing your hair, and older ones can be pretty good at it.
    • Quick brow tidy – Nothing beats a quick brow tidy to help you put your best face forward. Unlike a face of make-up or a full blow-dry, it’s a simple spruce-up and snatch of yourself in the mirror so you can glimpse your soul (as per 5 above). In my case it’s also a chance to tweezer away the odd stray sprouting on my chin these days!
    • Caption a photo – whether or not you have Fat Mum Slim’s Little Moments app, stopping to caption a photo seals the moment. Whether a new snap or one from your library, coming up with a funny or inspirational caption will help you appreciate life’s lessons and laughs anew.
    • Watch the trees blow in the wind – Almost anywhere you are, even on a still day, you can probably find a tree or bush blowing or being tickled by a soft breeze. Focusing on gentle and subtle movement on a still day is calming, while observing a howling wind is a chance to stand in wonder and awe.

Life offers up peaceful moments for pause if you’re willing to stop, look, listen and love.

And if you want more ways to pause, try my 1 minute meditations – what you need to bring back joy, make a choice, or overcome fear.

Linking up with the lovely Grace for FYBF.

What’s your favourite #parentingpeace pause?


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Kathy Kruger10 peaceful pauses #parentingpeace

13 Comments on “10 peaceful pauses #parentingpeace”

  1. Me

    Thank you, again, for sharing tips that are quick and easy (mostly) to implement that can make a big difference to my day ! I plan on taking note of not being impatient at red lights – I am famous for abusing lights for changing to red before I can get through them !!!
    Have a wonderful long weekend !
    Me xox

  2. Pinky Poinker

    I want to come over to your place for breakfast on Sunday. It looks so… civilised! Not that I’d expect anything less from you Kathy:) The photo looks so inviting and tasteful. I had a giggle at the out-staring people you love tip. Whenever my big boys drop by for dinner they often say to me “What are staring at me like that for?” and it’s usually because I’m gazing at them with love and drinking up their presence. They just don’t get the point.

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Well actually Pinky, that was Zanni’s photo (My little sunshine house) – perhaps I should have made that more obvious. But I do make an effort some Sundays at least. Love that you still ‘drink in’ your boys with love. I find myself doing it a lot with Little Yang, less with Miss Yin because she give me a look like I’m weird (and she’s only 11). Sigh.

  3. Denise

    Thank you for these lovely tips Kathy. I’ll never look at traffic lights the same way again! I usually settle for a cup of tea, but I’ll be trying some of these out. I love that you set the table for breakfast – what a lovely start to the day.

  4. Shelly

    What great ideas. I never really thought about doing any of these. I especially like the breakfast one and appreciating the peace a moment at a red light can give you!

  5. mamagrace71

    I was watching the trees blow in the wind the other day. Totally mesmerising and completely transported me to another place. Briefly but still. I was able to just be.

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