10 tips for fitting yoga into a busy schedule

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Life is busy isn’t it? Even though yoga, and particularly Yin yoga, bids us to slow down, work and school schedules, housework, and family responsibilities simply don’t stop. Fitting in yoga is often a trade-off (personally I’m trading in housework).

Unless you’re on a yoga retreat or living in a monastery, yoga is always going to be a physical practice you fit in around responsibilities, a mental attitude you try to maintain so that stress doesn’t crowd out your calm awareness, and a spiritual peace so often elusive, yet so worth seeking.

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Kathy Kruger10 tips for fitting yoga into a busy schedule

2 Comments on “10 tips for fitting yoga into a busy schedule”

  1. Lizzing Lightly

    yes life is busy! Thanks for the ideas on how to fit more yoga in. I am currently doing my best to do yoga two to three times a week and (ironically) I’m missing mum and bub yoga right now since my little one is napping through the time! Great tips on how to increase it. I have arranged to do a make up class early tomorrow morning before the household wakes and I’m also trying to do a session at home myself during nap time each week. I will try to remember your tips about posture when I’m doing my normal tasks (often completed slouching I must admit :-))

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