10 ways to create your own yoga retreat

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There is something pretty special about going away on a yoga retreat. I’m recently back from my annual retreat in the World Heritage listed mountain rainforest near where I’m lucky to live – two nights, barely 44 hours, but long enough to relax, refresh and rejuvenate. Bliss.

From brief breaks away to week-long (or longer) retreats in exotic locales, a yoga retreat gifts us time and space to stop, be still, to release and to take our yoga practice to a whole new level.

I am so grateful for the chance to retreat (especially to hubby for keeping the home-fires burning with the kids), even as I dream of a longer, more exotic version (Bali is calling) one day.

If time, finances and commitments don’t allow you to get away, here’s how to create a sense of sanctuary where you are – in your own space and in the natural spaces around you.

(These pics are of my little yoga/reading.meditation corner in our bedroom – all I have to do is roll out my mat). I have to say that right now we are in midst of installing new wardrobes and blinds so it is more of a mess than a sanctuary).

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Kathy Kruger10 ways to create your own yoga retreat

3 Comments on “10 ways to create your own yoga retreat”

  1. Deborah

    You’ve reminded me to get some of my scented candles out. In summer I just have citronella candles burning but I have some nice candles tucked away and it would be nice to have some twinkling flames and nice scents warm the house in winter. And although I might not do any yoga, I think they’ll offer a sense of calm and tranquility and homeliness that’s often missing from my place.

    1. Kathy Kruger

      I learned a little about aromatherapy as part of yin yoga training – warm scents are good for winter (balancing the cold) and then you have the choice to go floral or earth. I think a little sanctuary spot with some candles where you can curl up and read a book sounds perfect. X

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