5 reasons why it’s ok to wobble

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If you’ve hung around here for a while you’ll know my attitude to wobbling – it’s both normal and quite possibly essential (not just in yoga poses, but in life).

You may have seen the video below, hubby ‘taking the micky’ and me laughing at myself. If not, here’s a quick link and laugh.

Wobbling can be funny – which I guess is my first reason why it’s Ok – well great actually – it’s good to laugh at yourself.

Here are some other reasons:

1)   Wobbling means you’re trying – I watch my daughter (gracefully) do many and various dance poses, but she isn’t keen on doing them if it means wobbling at all. Of course she wants to be graceful (like a dancer), and strives for perfection (worryingly, like a dancer). She’d rather execute a dance pose quickly and ‘perfectly’ than wobble in it by holding it longer. She hasn’t yet learned the yogi way, but I’m trying to teach her – slowly does it. I’m teaching her that when we wobble we are trying and learning, both prerequisites of ‘perfection’.  And that trying is its own reward – we succeed in trying even when we wobble, and more so because we are prepared to.

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2)   Wobbling makes you stronger – what my daughter doesn’t realize is that by sticking with a pose and wobbling you gain strength (and poise if you’re a dancer). The very act of sticking with something, even though it’s hard, builds strength and character even if you never actually ‘perfect’ the thing you stick at. You are stronger as a person, which means you’ll be stronger for the next thing you try to wobble your way through.

3)   Wobbling shows you care – You’re not going to wobble unless you are trying and you’re not going to try unless you care. Wobbling is an act of courage and sometimes compassion, if you’re wobbling to help someone else. We wobble through things when we are prepared to make an effort, because we want to succeed/make a difference/just manage to balance. And we do so, even though we look kinda silly in the process (see below).

4)   Wobbling shows you don’t care about appearances – wobbling can be, and is very often, embarrassing! My daughter fears embarrassment, so she would rather not do something than wobble through it. But she is learning. And learning not to care about what other people think is one of the greatest lessons in life.

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5)   Wobbling actually IS balance – balance is always found in the space and time between things. Balance is never static. It’s always moving, changing, trying to return things to a kind of equilibrium. Balance is really that unsteady point between ‘success’ and ‘failure’, which is by nature, wobbly. If you didn’t wobble you would be too rigid and unbalanced.

So go wobble!

Linking up with Essentially Jess for IBOT.

Cheers (and PS – Yogi to Yogini update – 3.1kg down – slowly does it – 29 hours of yoga classes, including one 3 hour workshop in six weeks)!

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Kathy Kruger5 reasons why it’s ok to wobble

30 Comments on “5 reasons why it’s ok to wobble”

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Hi Jodi – belated thanks for your comment. I do think there are stages we go through when we wobble more than other times – our confidence gets shaky. All the more reason to keep trying.

  1. coloursofsunset

    LOL at hubby “this is known as the standing on one leg pose” life would be boring if we just balanced perfectly still all the time! although your daughter makes it look like an art! x Aroha

  2. becc03

    I love the explanation of balance – “Balance is really that unsteady point between ‘success’ and ‘failure’, which is by nature, wobbly”. I seem to be there a lot 🙂

  3. Eleise

    This is actually a mantra for life, keep on wobbling so you are learning. Your daughter is strong! Wel done on your weight loss and yoga time 🙂

  4. Tegan Churchill

    Wobbly is a great way to approach life, especially with kids. I do worry that Mr 4 picks on my and Paul’s anxiety and that makes him worried to try a lot of different things. I love the lessons that you are teaching your daughter and showing how they cross over into areas that she is passionate about.

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Thanks Tegan – wobbly gives us permission to be human. I’m sure your little guy is more resilient than you think and he sees you dealing with your issues and that’s a good thing to role model.

  5. iSophie

    There is always a wobble with balance, I had never thought about it either. I also think it’s imperative for kids to give things a go, and therefore wobble is ok. #teamIBOT

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  7. Me

    What a great post – thank you for reminding me that it’s OK to wobble when I need to.
    have a wonderful weekend !

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