5 yoga poses to get you ready for the new year

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At this time of the year, most of us get all reflective, then hopefully motivated.But we have to emerge from our festive stupor first.

Of course, yoga can help.Turn to certain yoga postures to help get set for a 2015 of exciting new goals, and dare I use the ‘R’ word—resolutions.

Mine are to do yoga every day (even just a few gentle postures or some conscious breathing) and to make ‘breathe’ my word for the year—I figure we’ve got to keep on breathing, so I may as well be more aware of what I’m doing.

So, ready to snap you out of that post-indulgence slump from too much turkey and that extra eggnog, and get energetic and crystal-clear about the sort of New Year you want? Here are some ideas for yoga to get you set for the New Year.

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Kathy Kruger5 yoga poses to get you ready for the new year

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