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The Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy is not really my idea of balanced reading!! I read the first book because everyone else did, then laboured through the second two like I was wading through treacle, because my sister had given me the collection for my birthday. I can’t say the effort of all that reading has really paid off in the bedroom – perhaps I would have been better off investing that time doing something else (with my husband)!

Anyway….I don’t seem to find the time to read as much as I would like (maybe because I’m blogging!). I read blog posts, on some great blogs, more than I read books. In the online and real world of information overload we are constantly deluged with words and images. Amongst all of it, I thank you for taking to the time to read and view words and content I’ve created.

And I’d like to share some favourite blogs and posts, as well as some favourite books that you might like to read over the holiday season.

Happy Holidays!


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Mojito Mother

For a while I’ve been following a blog by Caz Makepeace – Mojioto Mother. She’s an Aussie Mum and ‘serial traveller and sunset mojito mother’ (in her words, although I suspect from some of her posts that she sometimes indulges in other drinks as well). Caz has an infectious optimism and zest for life and never fails to make me smile and think – she feels like a friend sharing her musings and always responding to her readers. I also did a guest post for her a little while back.

Barrie Davenport – Live Bold and Bloom and The Life Passion Coach 

photo4-e1325856651568Barrie is a really wise woman, so it’s just as well she is a life coach. She’s never clichéd and always refreshing. Her posts are well researched and full of practical tips and insights. She’s a go-to-woman for personal growth. She also recently published a book The 52 Week Life Passion Project, which I’ve ordered and am waiting to arrive.

Tiny-Wisdom-Sidebar_edited-1Tiny Buddha

Tiny Buddha is a community more than a blog. Lori Deschene is a woman with wisdom beyond her years and she shares it along with daily quotes and guests posts from contributors (myself included). You never know what new perspective you will get when you check into Tiny Buddha and learn lessons from people from all walks of life on how to let go and let happiness in.

100 Paths – Aekta Kapoor

I found Aekta on Tiny Buddha and her writing is rich with power and poetry.  Hers is an interesting story of overcoming prejudices and societal expectations in India and she has so many insights to share from her experiences.

Books – Non-fiction

Patti Digh – 37 Days – Life is a Verb and blog 37 Days

Motivated by the death of her step-father 37 days after his cancer diagnosis, Patti writes with wit and wisdom to explore 37 different lessons that help us lead better, happier and fuller lives not matter how long they are. From hilariously funny annecdotes to touching vignettes she shows us how she’s learned the lessons herself and gives practical exercises to apply the lessons in our everday lives.

Brene Brown – The Gifts of Imperfection and Blog – Ordinary Courage

brene brownI love this lady. She studied shame for something like 7 years and she still has a sense of humour. In her book she explores how accepting our imperfections can help us lead what she calls ‘whole-hearted’ lives.

Dr Wayne Dyer – Being in Balance

Give my blog has a central theme of balance, I thought it would be good to go to an expert like Wayne Dyer to get a bit more guidance – its amazing how you look at balance in different ways and come back to a central point of harmony! Dr Dyer explores balance with the central message of how to bring harmony in our intentions and desires with our thoughts and actions.

Lao Tzu – Tao Te Ching

This is the authorative Taoist text of 81 verses. There are various translations. It’s a great text for reading a verse per day and pondering the words and the wisdom. Dive in deep and there will always be a new insight to understand.

Kerri Sackville, The Little Book of Anxiety

Kerri SackvilleDoesn’t sound like it should be funny, but it is hilariously so, and insightful and very raw. Popular Aussie blogger and author Kerri Sackville is flat-out funny and brutally honest about how crazy she gets through anxiety. It makes you laugh and feel better about your own worries and insecurities.

Gail Tsukiyama – The Samurai’s Garden

I devoured this delightful novel on holidays at Brunswick Heads. It’s a gentle and poignant story of love overcoming difference and prejudice set in a small village in Japan following the Japanese invasion of China in 1937. A young and sensitive Hong Kong Chinese man travels to his late grandfather’s holiday house in Japan to recuperate from Tuberculosis under the care of the old caretaker and gardener.  As the two become close the young man learns of a heartbreaking love story that has shaped the old man’s life.

Mitch Albom – Tuesday’s with Morrie – an old favourite

I feel drawn to reading this classic Mitch Albom bestseller again to celebrate life anew with Morrie as he did with the author on his way to dying. Life’s lesson are in stark relief in the face of death and you are left certain of the value of living to the full. I’m also going to read the author’s The Timekeeper on the recommendation of a friend.

Happy Reading – love to know what you’ll be reading over the holidays.

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Kathy KrugerA balanced holiday read

3 Comments on “A balanced holiday read”

  1. Caz Makepeace

    Wow! Thank you for including me in this list Kathy. I am excited to check out some more of these writers.
    I absolutely adore Dr Wayne Dyer, he has such a positive impact on my life. I owe so much to his wisdom.

    1. yinyangmother

      My pleasure. I really enjoyed Brene Brown’s book and also Patti Digh’s book, although I have to get back to do some of the exercises she has at the end of each chapter.

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