A (Christmas) Tree – a meditation on life

Kathy Krugergo with the flow, harmony, perspective, yinyang3 Comments

I have a confession to make – I’m rather obsessed with trees! Not just Christmas trees, but all sorts of trees. And I think that considering how trees are rooted into the ground (yin) and reach for the sky (yang) they are a perfect symbol of balance, of embracing change, of bending into it, of letting go (of leaves, raindrops, snowflakes), of digging deep (with deep roots to create a strong foundation). They grow, at one with nature. So in celebration of Christmas trees, and all trees, I’ve created a little meditation video. Hope you enjoy for Christmas, and all year round.

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Kathy KrugerA (Christmas) Tree – a meditation on life

3 Comments on “A (Christmas) Tree – a meditation on life”

  1. Judith Mosley

    Sorry Kathy the comments & website were not supposed to accompany the photograph ….. guess I’m not as web savvy as I thought :/

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