A life of FIRSTs

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There’s something special about experiencing something for the FIRST time (well not so much having a tooth filled, or a speeding fine or sitting an exam, but I digress). There’s something even more special about FIRST time achievements, especially when they represent an important goal.

So this week I taught my FIRST yoga class (and I appreciate all your kind words of congratulations). Aside from learning lots, breathing yogic sighs of relief and being really pleased I didn’t go all judgy on myself, this big FIRST also got me thinking about how we let the number (and perhaps quality) of FIRSTs in our lives shrink with age.

I guess this is the natural human experience. We get lots of FIRSTs out of the way in our FIRST year or so and then it’s all down hill (now that we’re walking) from there.

At 4.5 years my son is still to experience his FIRST day of school and his FIRST tooth falling out, amongst a host of other firsts. At 11, my daughter is yet to experience her FIRST kiss from a boy (well I think so!) and getting her to tidy her room properly, well that would be a FIRST!

I’ve been in CHANGE mode lately on the blog and in life.

Yet my FIRST teaching a yoga class is my FIRST FIRST in a while. Or is it?

There are bucket list FIRSTs that are usually ‘once offs’ – the thrill may be gone after you’ve jumped out a plane or run a marathon once, or maybe not.

Then there are FIRST steps/achievements towards long-term goals – a FIRST assignment submitted towards a university degree, a FIRST driver’s lesson (and even the FIRST failed attempt at getting your license, secured on the second go – that tester was tough!).


So how do we keep putting FIRSTs in our lives once we’ve ticked off first steps, first time swimming the length of the pool, first time voting etc?

How do we balance FIRSTs (and the desire for something new) with steadfast commitment to sticking at the same thing for a long time, through ups and downs, deepening into the experience (eg a FIRST marriage)!?


And how do we learn to welcome the lesson in failing a FIRST time and get back up and do it again?

Here are some ideas:

  1. Find FIRSTs in simple steps not just in grand achievements – make each stepping stone a milestone (9 weeks before I taught my first yoga class I took the FIRST step by starting teacher training and I’ve studied and progressed along the way)
  2. Celebrate big FIRSTs – don’t just breathe a sigh of relief, allow yourself the congratulations you deserve (including your own)
  3. Spice up your life with new things but don’t be so obsessed with new flavours that you forget to appreciate the simple, reliable taste that salt and pepper gives your life
  4. Celebrate long-term commitment – anniversaries but also just random moments along the journey, find FIRSTs within the long haul and appreciate those who come FIRST in your life
  5. Celebrate the lessons when you fail the FIRST time, and try even harder to find something to celebrate in failure second time around

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 How are you making a life of FIRSTs? Linking up with Grace for another FYBF?

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 XX Kathy


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Kathy KrugerA life of FIRSTs

14 Comments on “A life of FIRSTs”

  1. minsmash

    Congratulations for teaching your first yoga class! I bet you were awesome! You know what – I did a six week beginners couse in yoga (Vinyasa) – attending once/week and absolutely loved it. I have done no yoga since! I have my own yoga mat and would like to do yoga at home first – via DVD. I’ve looked and there are heaps to choose from – so confusing! Is there one you would recommend to me to start with? BTW – you have really got me thinking about ‘firsts’ – they come in all different shapes and forms don’t they. There have been lots of firsts for me lately as I chip away at my dreams. Sometimes all that needs to be done can be overwhelming so I find it best to break it down into smaller chunks – many of which are ‘firsts’ 😉 Min x


    Congrats Kathy, I’d love to take a yoga class with you as the teacher. And it would be a ‘first’ as I’ve never done one before. I like to treat every new day as a first because even if I’m just doing the same old same old things there’s always something new. x

  3. Fairlie

    Great post! (I found it via the FYBF linkup). Congratulations on teaching your first yoga class, that’s a fabulous achievement. I’ve been going to yoga classes for about 18 months now…and I know what a gift regular yoga is to my life.

    Re: firsts…one thing I think is really important in this instant-gratification age is to hold off on firsts for kids – to create a real sense of anticipation of milestones. I see so many parents rush to give their kids everything, have them experience everything all.right.now…and I worry that there will be less and less firsts for those kids to look forward to as they grow up.

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Thanks for visiting and I’m off to check out your blog. You’re very right about getting satisfaction from steps along the way and ensuring our kids know that there is effort required to get there.

    2. Kathy Kruger

      Hi Fairlie – somehow I missed replying to this comment from a month ago! I agree with you on kids learning to wait for things – of course Christmas is now around the corner, just not soon enough in a child’s mind.

  4. Have A Laugh On Me

    I hope to have lots more firsts and I think you are right that we need to find some and enjoy them. Isn’t it incredible to think that our boys are off to school next year, first day, will be hard for sure, for him and I x

    1. Kathy Kruger

      I’m sure there are lots more firsts for you Em and yep, I’m happy/sad about the prospect of losing my boy to school – at least you have your baby boy still coming through after your middle guy.

  5. Tegan Churchill

    I’ve had a few firsts this month and it’s been pretty exciting! I’ve celebrated them by sharing them both with the people who are close to me and the people in my blogging community. I think it’s a great idea to break goals down into steps, they certainly seem a lot less impossible that way!

  6. Grace

    Congratulations!! I bet it that yoga class was loving you!
    I recently received my first pay as a writer!!! Woohoo! Not much as far as remuneration’s concerned but the feeling of being paid for reading MY thoughts! Huge thrill!

  7. NewLifeOnTheRoad (@NewLifeOnRoad)

    OH how much fun that must have been for you 🙂 Congratulations on your first yoga lesson 😉
    I am going to have my first weekend away with just my two younger sons – driving down to Eden and I can’t wait – its going to be a huge experience cause normally I am the passenger and David drives. This time I am driving and planning the trip!
    Actually its the first time I have been this excited to do something alone, normally I rely on those around me.
    Yoga is so good for the body and the soul – great to be teaching it!

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Lisa – I totally missed this comment from a month ago. Hope you had a great trip to Eden. We’ve just got back from Brunswick Heads and it was a lovely week. I’m teaching yoga again tomorrow and loving it.

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