A Mother’s Day I thought would never happen

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It was five years ago when the last leg of the long journey took us across the spectacular Columbia Icefield in Canada, through some of the most beautiful scenery you could imagine.

Appropriate that the final road we travelled was winding, because the protracted path to that point could hardly have had more twists and turns, dead ends, detours and stop signs along the way, all eventually navigated.

That morning I’d got to say Happy Mother’s Day to my own Mum, both of us half a world away from home. I’d got to hug Dad too, grateful and yet fearful for him in his hopeful recovery from prostrate cancer, knowing he’d soon be back home in Australia and I’d still be half a world away.

We waved them off on the train from Jasper to Vancouver and set off to drive to the famous ski resort town of Banff.

The spring sunshine was slowly melting the patches of snow still on the ground, the landscape caught between winter and warmth. As we drove further, reaching the largest Rocky Mountains icefield in North America, any sign of the season was covered by the winter white formed by eight glaciers and framed by snow-capped peaks.

And then the air became frosty in a flurry of whispy white flecks that drifted down in a drizzle.

We drove on, stopping to watch back-country ‘off piste’ skiers trek up a slope in view of the road, the long hike to the top rewarded in a rush downhill that seemed over in seconds. Still the trek seemed worth it. Like all good climbs.

And then we drove into Lake Louise, perhaps the the most picturesque place in post-card perfect Canada, stopping for afternoon tea at the famous Chateau.

On my first mother’s day with our family finally complete, it starts to snow again.

Proper snow – fat, fluffy, feathery flakes, floating down in a soft sprinkle at first, that soon becomes a dazzling dusting, that settles into a serene sea of white all around us, mesmerizing, magical.

Flakes flutter down like frozen butterflies, carpeting everything in plush pile and all we can do is watch on in wonder.

It is not the first snowfall we’ve experienced in Canada – snow fell a few days after we arrived and we’d had several heavier falls that seemed to whitewash the past and leave everything bright and brand new. I’d pinched myself to have our daughter and at last to have our son too, to be in Canada living a life in which dreams finally come true. The cold, crisp air seemed so fresh and full of possibility.

But this mother’s day snowfall, so late in the season, so surreal, was so very special.

My first mother’s day, with our Miss Yin back in 2005 was remarkable of course, especially after an eight-year journey of infertility, IVF and the long adoption process. Six years later, after another long wait to complete our family our Canadian mother’s day was the one that I’d wondered would ever happen.

And it did. And just like that it snowed.

the greatest journey in life

Don’t give up on your dreams – expect them to be even more sublime that you could ever imagine.

(We lost all our video and most of our images when our camera, video camera and laptop were stolen later in the year – I know boo hoo!. But those memories remain crisp and clear as the frozen Canadian air. Frozen in time. Preserved in love.).

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Kathy X

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Kathy KrugerA Mother’s Day I thought would never happen

24 Comments on “A Mother’s Day I thought would never happen”

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Thinking about it again makes me really want to go back to Canada. The time has flown since we’ve been home. Hope it is not flying too fast for you while you’ve been on leave.

  1. writeofthemiddle

    Ahhhhh Canada – it’s on my wish list! Your photographs make me want to go there even more now! Such a wonderful story Kathy and so beautifully written as usual. Your two kids are so gorgeous and precious and very lucky to have you as their Mum. Cannot believe your camera, laptop and video camera were stolen! So sad to lose all those memories but hopefully they are all still in your minds eye. xo

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Thanks Min – yes the loss of the stuff was really hard as we lots all that video of adopting Little Yang in China, his first steps and so much of our amazing Canadian experience. Grateful for the images we had saved separately, posted to FB or others had taken.

  2. EssentiallyJess

    I loved this Kathy. I’m so happy that you got that Mothers Day, and all the ones that followed. What a magical time it must be.

    On a slightly different note, it spins me out that you had snow in May and yet this year Canada has had those horrific fires at the same time. Weather can be a fickle thing can’t it?

    1. Kathy Kruger

      It was really quite amazing getting the snow – definitely late for it and I like to think it was just to make it a extra special Mother’s Day. And those first were certainly horrible, although just reading now that 90% of the buildings have survived intact, and thank God there were no fatalities.

  3. Jody at Six Little Hearts

    This is so beautiful in every sense and you are just glowing in those images.
    I remember my first time ever in a snow storm. It was at a national park in Utah and it was magical! The experience never leaves you.

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Thanks Jody – we are very lucky and experiencing a snowfall was certainly the icing on the cake for that special memory. Snowfalls are so special to us, but I imagine if you lived in a cold climate some of the excitement might wear off!

  4. Debbish (@debbishdotcom)

    I love this Kathy! As you know I tried to have kids (alone) and was unsuccessful so motherhood is a touchy subject for me but having said that I could very much relate to the notion of following through on your dreams.

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Thanks Deb – sorry for the delay in coming back to you. Our dreams take different directions don’t they – we’ve just got to keep following them on those divergent pathways instead of giving up on dreaming.

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