A story of beauty

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Beauty, like love is all around us.

All it takes is to open our eyes to love to see it.

In my blogging anniversary week, I’d like to share some beauty with you.


Thanks to Marie Colantoni Pechet

Thanks to Marie Colantoni Pechet

Cancer sufferer Marie Colantoni Pechet blogged about this photo, taken on a healing pilgrimage to Brazil – the foreground was not ‘ugly’ unless the eyes were drawn from the beauty in the distance.

Frame a new perspective

Beauty can be found in the frame (that I made from mosaics) and in the mirror

Sometimes we need to reframe how we see ourselves and other people – put a soft lens filter on a take another look from the heart!

And at the heart of beauty is love

And at the heart of beauty is love

We exude beauty when we love ourselves and we find it in others when it is reflected in our own self-love. To love someone is not to see ugly, only beauty unrefined.

And an old favourite – small things – little bits of beauty and joy make for a beautiful life.

Find beauty when it catches your eye and when it's hiding in the bushes

Find beauty when it catches your eye and when it’s hiding in the bushes

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Kathy KrugerA story of beauty

One Comment on ““A story of beauty”

  1. Marie Colantoni Pechet

    Going through your blog, I just found this – how fun! AND when I first saw the picture, I didn’t recognize it as mine or remember the scent. I first saw all the garbage in the foreground. Tells you something about my current state of mine. So I started focusing on the background to try and shift my inner perspective. Anyway, thanks for adding some fun to my evening!

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