A warm holiday welcome to Tiny Buddha readers

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Thanks for stopping by – its great to have you here. I’m glad the invisible red thread has connected us.

Hope you can stay to¬†engage with my blog – I’d love to share thoughts on finding balance, dealing with change and always being grateful and create a real sense of community here.

I thought I’d share some of my favourite/popular posts as a starting point to look around.

And if you are interested in a laugh – my video demonstrating that change can be a VERY good thing might do the trick.

Change can be a good thing

My blog is only four months young, so still early days for me. I’d love you join me on the journey.

Cheers and Happy Holidays.




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Kathy KrugerA warm holiday welcome to Tiny Buddha readers

3 Comments on “A warm holiday welcome to Tiny Buddha readers”

  1. maru

    It was nice to find this welcome post, because that was the thread that brought me here.
    May you -all your family- have a wonderful festive seasson.

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