Angry yoga to get rid of the grumps

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So you’re angry, or frustrated, or just a little snarky (hey yogis, we all get like that). But yoga is there for you, to calm you, and so you can dump that anger right down on the mat rather than unleash it on your poor friends and family, colleagues, or unsuspecting strangers.

You might think that when you’re angry and tense would be the worst time to practice — that slowing down is only going to agitate you even more and that you’ll wind up hating yoga too (because you just want to punch that wall, ouch).

But that’s where the magic of yoga is counter-intuitive — just when you really feel you can’t stand yoga anymore you can start to love it — and magically, love yourself. And in the process you can let go of whatever (and whoever) made you angry in the first place.

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OH and check out this angry yoga video (it’s pretty funny).

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Would you practice yoga angry, or would it just make you madder?

Kathy X


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Kathy KrugerAngry yoga to get rid of the grumps

6 Comments on “Angry yoga to get rid of the grumps”

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