Are you reacting or responding?

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There’s a big difference don’t you think – between reacting and responding?! (reacting has an exclamation mark after it for starters)!

I’m trying to respond rather than react. From a yin-yang perspective there’s room for yin reflection in deciding to respond. There’s time to think and it’s implicit that a response is based more on your own thoughts (taking into consideration what someone else has said or recommended) as opposed to a quick (yang) comeback that it is more about how you feel about what someone has said.

In actual fact the old Thesaurus has ‘respond’ as a synonym for ‘react’ – but then it also has ‘counter’ and ‘retort’ as alternatives, and they just seem argumentative.

Sure initial reactions can be spontaneous, intuitive and authentic, but they can also be impulsive and angry. Responding is more thoughtful, rational and cogent.

Ok, enough with semantics.

For me responding means taking some yin time, while still considering my initial gut reaction. It can be hard to do in the heat of the moment, when you can be quick to reach for a smart retort or an angry aside (fessing up, I can be quick to grab for a faark and hurl it in frustration).

On the flip-side, there’s no point simply stewing before you respond, while a delayed response can just amount to procrastination and avoidance (fear) or over-analysis (all head and no heart). So it’s a work in progress, this responding rather than reacting. A balancing act.

I’m blown away by how many people are moving soooo fast post-Problogger to change their blogs, implement 30-day-challenges, create new Podcasts, plan their time and roll-out whole new plans. It’s been a fantastic flurry of activity.

I'm yet to do this

I’m yet to do this Darren

It’s great that so many have been inspired into such quick action, but for me I don’t want to simply ‘react’ to Problogger. I don’t want to act out of FOMO, or a sense of inadequacy, because believe me, I feel both. As I posted, I’m happy with my ‘One Thing’ and pleased to ponder for a little while longer at least.

The conference ended less than a week ago, and I know I need to harness that burst of inspiration (or watch it wither), but I have to be realistic about my time constraints, and I want to choose how I’m going to respond to the lessons of the event, in my own time.

And just quietly, this week has been rather busy (although not much different to normal). I’ve:

  • Taught three yoga classes (including my first permanent Sunday class)
  • Practised three yoga classes
  • Took Miss Yin to her dance eisteddfod
  • Took Miss Yin to her ballet exam (and sewed on new ballet shoe ribbons – dental floss works best)
  • Provided homework help for two kids
  • Done speech therapy homework with Little Yang
  • Worked three days (four including today) at my day job (including doing a presentation to the Office of the CEO, attending assorted meetings and writing two feature articles for
  • Written one (now two) blog posts
  • Written one regular guest post for Do You Yoga
  • Read (and commented on) about 20 blog posts
  • 1 x ultrasound scan appointment (nothing too urgent, I hope)
  • 2 x birthday presents purchased
  • 1 x friend’s birthday lunch attended
  • 3 x dinners made (hubby cooked the other two – yeh)
  • Made a couple of school lunches, did some (Ok not much) laundry and not much housework at all (hubby has been holding the fort)
  • Found some time for social media connection (and wasting time)
  • Not found enough time for meditation

So no 30-day yoga and/or meditation challenges from me (just yet). No sweeping changes or radical redesigns. I’m not reacting in a rush, because the best I can really do is to hasten slowly.

Meantime, I’d love you to let me know what you’d like me to work on – and call me out in the future if you think I’m a slack-ass making excuses.

How are you with reacting/responding? Are you a bull at a gate or more of a tortoise? Linking up with Grace for FYBF and joining in the weekend rewind with the lovelies – Kelly, Bron and Sonia.

Kathy X

Namaste sign off_edited-1



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Kathy KrugerAre you reacting or responding?

15 Comments on “Are you reacting or responding?”

  1. Lydia C. Lee

    I tend to react, and overreact, and then lose interest….it’s been interesting watching the post -problogger week from afar – and great that everyone shared what touched them….

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Thanks Lydia. Keeping up the interest can be hard – I think you know if it is genuine change that you are making when the excitement doesn’t wane (or not too much).

  2. Vanessa

    I’m not a fan of the rush to be the first to wrap up ProBlogger. I know that in the large majority of cases the posts are genuine though. Firstly, I would like to relisten to sessions! That way I have absorbed what I wanted and I can make it useful for others.

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Yeh Vanessa – the sessions are now out. And I’m with you. The magic is how you integrate the insights and inspiration and you need some time and reflection to do them justice.

  3. Deborah

    I missed seeing you in pics etc for ProBlogger. I wasn’t there so just watched from afar (Twitter and Instagram mostly).

    I never managed to implement anything I learned at the 2-3 PBEvents I went to. I’d come home with big plans but life would get in the way. Plus I’m still more about sustainable changes (responses) rather than reactions!

    1. Kathy Kruger

      I kept a pretty low profile really at Problogger this year – I had to leave a bit early on day one to pick up the kids and as I wasn’t staying at the venue (we live around the corner) I felt a little out of the action. To be honest I’m not sure whether I’m left inspired or de-motivated this year – no fault of the content at the conference really, just my situation. Sustainable changes are the way to go for sure.

    1. Kathy Kruger

      It is funny Karin how there are so many things you could be doing but one of the most important is to get away from the computer – and even the Probloggers push that. I always think a bit of distance is the best way to make the changes you really want.

  4. Grace

    “Slow and steady wins the race”. I also always find it so interesting how everyone goes hammer and tong post Problogger.
    Your list there is substantial, lady! Keep responding! And congrats to Miss Yin! I’m sure she did an amazing job at the dance eisteddford

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Thanks Grace – we all have busy lists and I think when you come back from Problogger it can seem like blogging is the only thing on the list – but it is not of course. Miss Yin’s group got 3rd in their eisteddfod and she did really well in her ballet exam. X

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