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By Kathy Kruger

My blog posts are often around a thousand words, and you know the saying about a picture…

I like to try to inspire you to think about balance in different ways, through a yin yang approach, and how it plays out in daily life, and sometimes photos illustrate this so perfectly.

I love this picture, snapped two years ago while we were hiking up to the top of The Chief, the giant sandstone monolith (the second largest in the world) that stands guard over the town of Squamish and the beautiful Howe Sound, where we lived in Canada during 2011.

Seeing such a big boulder just balanced so close to the edge of the cliff is a real reminder of how nature finds ways to balance things that really look like they should succumb to gravity.

Hanging rock

Hanging rock

In this photo I could be holding the rock up (or leaning against it for a breather before we climbed the rest of the way to the top).

Solid as a rock

Solid as a rock

I swear I made it up to the top too

I swear I made it up to the top too

When we reached the summit, the 360 view was a perfect balance of the beautiful water vista of Howe Sound, with mountains encircling all around – sea and sky, water and mountains, yin and yang.

We’d just returned from New York when we climbed the Chief, and I found myself searching for balance in the Big Apple too.


Balanced strips of sky between skyscrapers

Visually, we naturally seek balance – in the way we design our cities, in the way we frame a photograph.

Balance doesn’t have to mean symmetry – asymmetrical photos are generally more interesting than formally ‘balanced’ photos (well I’m no photography expert, but Darren Rowse is.)

I don’t know what sort of balance it is in the photo below, but to me both the cherry blossoms and the girl are equally beautiful! Different, but rendered the same in beauty.

Miss Yin and the Cherry Blossoms

Miss Yin and the Cherry Blossoms

The thing is balance is most often about the mix of things in our lives, rather than a measure of exact ingredients. Think of the balance of flavours achieved in a yummy dish, or the balance of colours and textures, shapes and sizes in interior design.

Balance is an art, not a science – the only formula I reckon is being centred within ourselves which allows us to be open to change, to experimenting with colour and form, with different energies, the yin and yang of life.

There is no right or wrong with art, just as there is no good or bad with balance – it is simply about being poised at a point (that would be NOW), calm and content, knowing that life (which art imitates) will find new expression every day. Artfully, eloquently and sometimes rather ungracefully.

Linking up with Essentially Jess for IBOT (which snuck up this week with the long weekend and end to school holidays, SIGH).

Love to know how you are going to balance things in the busy lead-up to Christmas – let me know in the comments? Is balance for you more about art, science, or just good luck?

And please don’t forget my Smile Project – send in your smiles and consider donating to support surgery for children born with cleft lips and palettes. Thank you.


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Kathy KrugerBalance in pictures

12 Comments on “Balance in pictures”

    1. yinyangmother

      Yes Deb – white space is so important. One of my favourite songs is ‘The Sound of White’ by Missy Higgins – I just love how it gives a complete sense of space and silence.

  1. coloursofsunset

    Balance is something I was actively seeking a little over a year ago. I was working 6 days a week, and something had to give. I think balance (for me) is making my priority/ies and then working the rest around them, learning that you can’t do everything, and sometimes you have to say no. I have to work, but it’s also important for me to be there for my son after school, so everything else works around that. I think balance is the most important goal parents can have. x Aroha (#teamIBOT was here)

  2. Renee Wilson

    How timely this post is,Kathy 🙂 You are right, balance definitely is an art. It can be something that I struggle with as I tend to throw myself full throttle into everything. As I get older, I am learning that the world won’t stop if I take a breather. ps. I still haven’t read your smile project post. It’s on my to-do list!

  3. Elisa {With Grace & Eve}

    I love that line about balancing being the mix of things in our lives, not an exact measure. Wonderful post. I seem to create balance when I take days slowly. One step at a time, and intentionally stopping to appreciate where I am at xx

  4. lizzy allan - muddle-headed mamma

    Lovely post 🙂 we do naturally seek balance, don’t we, in design and photography. I agree, asymmetrical photos are usually more interesting though – maybe because they capture our attention because they’re not the way we expect them to be? Both Miss Yin and the cherry blossoms are gorgeous 🙂 Oh my goodness, the view from the top of The Chief – how incredible! I would love to go to Canada one day. Hope you’re having a wonderful week. xx

    1. yinyangmother

      Hi Lizzy – I think the great thing about travel is the perspective – certainly got a different one living in Canada, plus some lovely photos of the beautiful scenery. thanks for visiting again.

  5. Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me

    That looks like a massive climb Kathy?? Love how you made that photo – very clever! I too miss school holidays already 🙁 As for balance, not much of that going on for me right now – just trying to keep myself from going insane as my two boys wreck havoc from the moment they wake til the moment they rest! xx

    1. yinyangmother

      Hi Em – it took about 2.5 hours to climb, as a steep hike up around the back and then some chain climbing at the end. Professional climbers do scale the rock face. Hope things settle down for you – you’ve certainly had a stretch of stress and challenges.

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