Because being a mother is all about the other(s)

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It’s time to bring backĀ balance with some Mmmm…

Massage – unwind and relax (with or without Sven)

Meditation – quiet time for yourself (YES just you and the universe)

Mindfullness – because you truly have time to think

Meals – that you don’t cook yourself (preferably at a restaurant)

Movies – that aren’t meant for kids

Music – that you love (The Wiggles don’t count)

Money – to spend on yourself for a change

Motivation – to do something different, exercise, chase your dream

Mystery – because you allow yourself to be surprised – who knows what and who you’ll discover?

Mojitos – because they taste so good…(Cheers Caz Makepeace)

Marvelous sleep – there should be no other kind

Magnificent silence – remember what it sounds like?

Mmm yoga – because I love it even though it doesn’t start with M

Marsupials – cute (mostly) native Australian animals like koalas and possums (I threw this in to check if you were really reading and because they are so cute – cuddle a koala)

Moments – where you can catch your breath

Moments – that take your break away (even without your kids)

Memories – that are made with or without the other(s)

Magic – because sometimes you don’t realise it’s all around until you stop and appreciate yourself as well as your others

Miracles – that can happen out of the blue while enjoying some Mmmm

Now that’s Mmmonumental, mmmmomentuous, mmmmassive.

(Sharing today with all mothers over at I Blog on Tuesdays with Essentially Jess)

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Kathy KrugerBecause being a mother is all about the other(s)

5 Comments on “Because being a mother is all about the other(s)”

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