Cutting fear down to size

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The dictionary may have a word for a lack of fear – unafraid – but I’m challenging the idea that you can be totally fearless without being reckless, or at least very naïve. A certain amount of fear is as necessary as it is unavoidable, so it’s best to think in terms of ‘working through fear’, ‘sitting with fear’ and … Read More

Kathy KrugerCutting fear down to size

The 12 worst things you can say to yourself

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So this is my list, but if I were a betting woman I’d guess yours wouldn’t look too different.  Maybe you’d change the order from bad to worst – depending on how frequently you find yourself saying (or rather spitting out) particular put-downs or wallowing in self-pitying refrains. Something is worse if you say it often (move it down your … Read More

Kathy KrugerThe 12 worst things you can say to yourself

Creativity – not like pulling teeth

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Creativity should not be like pulling teeth. It should spark. It should fire. Most of all it should flow. It should strike at 2.02am in the morning and bid you jump out of bed and answer its sudden calling. Like a stream of consciousness it should magically create meaning in ideas, words, art, imagination, invention, reYINvention. It should not get … Read More

Kathy KrugerCreativity – not like pulling teeth

Blood tests and beating fear

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Are you sitting down? Good. So maybe you hate getting blood tests. Maybe you’re getting all squeamish just thinking about it. Perhaps the thought of a needle makes you faint. Sorry for reminding you. Perhaps you’d better skip to the bottom of the post. A casual conversation reminded me about blood tests. In fact two separate conversations in the space … Read More

Kathy KrugerBlood tests and beating fear

I’ve joined the word police

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I’ve joined the word police – I don’t mean I’ve turned into a grammar Nazi (I’m no Nazi and I’m not particularly grammatical, grammarly, WHATEVS), but I have words in my sights that I want banned from my vocabulary – and yours too. You’ll thank me for it. udgement – ok, you can see I’ve spelt (or should it be … Read More

Kathy KrugerI’ve joined the word police

#authentic #awesome #April

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So I couldn’t decide whether April should be all about being authentic or being awesome! And you have to have a hashtag these days! #Awesome sounds kinda great, and #authentic, well it sounds kinda real. Both would be, well, balanced of course! Seriously, I always try to be authentic, and I’d rather be considered authentic any day than awesome. Both … Read More

Kathy Kruger#authentic #awesome #April


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So we found ourselves in beautiful Lennox Head, Northern NSW. It was a muggy and overcast Monday night – our family three instead of four. It felt strange. Little Yang enjoyed a promised pink drink as we nursed nerves with our beers and a pub meal. Nearby our family’s missing limb was playing games with her friends, laughing, telling stories … Read More

Kathy KrugerResilience

Don’t be a scaredy cat

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So it’s Friday 13th, and I’m telling fear to fug off! Well I’m trying – I reckon just the act of standing up to fear, looking it in the face and telling it that while you are still afraid you won’t let it scare you, is the first step in banishing it for good. I’ve heard it said that daring … Read More

Kathy KrugerDon’t be a scaredy cat

It’s OK to grow slow

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Spring – the season for growth. Green shoots and blossoming flowers and fresh perfume in the air. It sort of smells like a positive affirmation (I imagine). In reality, a lot of sun (yang) and water (yin) are required along with a positive attitude in order to flourish. I start this, my first post of Spring, and the page is … Read More

Kathy KrugerIt’s OK to grow slow

Attack of the horrormones

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Watch out world!  I’m suffering an attack of the ‘horrormones’ and I can’t be held responsible for who I attack as a result. Well that’s my excuse anyway. (Horrormones are hormones on steroids – I came across this non-medical but perfectly accurate term when we were doing IVF and I was partaking of lovely hormonal cocktail each cycle – well actually … Read More

Kathy KrugerAttack of the horrormones

Reason or excuse (let’s be honest)

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The dog ate my homework! Have you ever tried to call an excuse a reason? Reasons are real right? Valid, logical facts that can’t be disputed, right? Excuses are just expressions of fear, lame rationalisations at best, grounded in emotion not logic, right? Or maybe wrong? Well about the reasons anyway. Confused? You see I think that I find reasons … Read More

Kathy KrugerReason or excuse (let’s be honest)

Hate – that four letter word

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Would you be any more shocked if I started this post with FUCK – another four letter word I know I shouldn’t say, but still let slip sometimes? SORRY. I just can’t believe I feel compelled to write about HATE – a word I hardly ever used until it started creeping insidiously into my (mostly silent) vocabulary a few years … Read More

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Kathy KrugerHate – that four letter word