Popular – Let it in

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At the moment I’m being tortured (or is that too strong a word?) to the tune of ‘Let it go’ from Disney’s hit movie Frozen. (Ok – I know it’s a common complaint, but here I stand, well write anyway). My torturer is very cute though (as I’m sure yours is) – in my case our four-year-old son is rather … Read More

Kathy KrugerPopular – Let it in

Learning a new language

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Learning a new language can give you a whole new perspective as you grapple to make sense of how other people see the world and so find new meaning yourself – you know the whole Eskimos having hundreds of words for ‘snow’ thing. We attach language to those things that are important to us – descriptive, emotive words and sometimes … Read More

Kathy KrugerLearning a new language

What it means to be family

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This past weekend I spent time with both sides of my extended family – something that rarely happens. I hadn’t seen my brother, sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephews since Christmas – we can’t believe where the time went. Does the first third of the year always disappear faster than the others?

Kathy KrugerWhat it means to be family

Letter to a birth mother

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How do you find the right words to say – that’s what I’m struggling with this mother’s day as I think of my children’s birthmothers. I’ve previously shared a letter I wrote to our daughter’s birthmother that I penned almost 9 years ago (it’s on this page, but I’ve copied it below). I found the ‘right’ words then, but they … Read More

Kathy KrugerLetter to a birth mother

Sometimes you’re so proud

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Sometimes you are so proud….. When your 10 year old daughter, who loves loom bands (like all 10 year old girls) and has a friend who has given her a few to make, says she can wait until her birthday – in three months time – for her friend to give her a kit and bands (as her friend has … Read More

Kathy KrugerSometimes you’re so proud

Love, old and new again

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Happy Valentine’s Day. I’m working today, my parents are staying over tonight and preparations are in full swing for Little Yang’s 4th birthday pirate and pool party tomorrow (although he hasn’t been feeling very well, poor mite) – can’t see any chance for romance and I doubt there will be sex. I’m tired. We’re tired. I’d go so far to … Read More

Kathy KrugerLove, old and new again

A very balanced Christmas

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Tis the season for excess, balance hardly comes into it – right? While we make merry, we can make sure we avoid hangovers, of the headache, health and financial varieties, with a bit of balance. As usual it is not an exact thing – we don’t have to balance our egg with our nog equally, just try for some celebratory middle ground. … Read More

Kathy KrugerA very balanced Christmas

Gifts for the twelve days of Christmas

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For the famous 12 days of Christmas, I’ve worked up my ‘wish list’ for my true love (and/or the universe), and I’d love to be just as generous to him – he deserves his wishes (well most of the time). Thanks Mr Yang for being there, with me and for me, during a happy, challenging, frustrating, joyful year (ie just another year). … Read More

Kathy KrugerGifts for the twelve days of Christmas

Closing a chapter

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The chapter has been closed, the book shut, and as much as I want it to be different, I can’t change the end of the story. I’m sad – there is no happily ever after to this tale. I’m sorry to be cryptic, but there are some things that are too personal to share, that would hurt others in the … Read More

Kathy KrugerClosing a chapter

Bursting with pride

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I’ve gone from feeling defeated, deflated, to excited, elated. Life’s like that. Like most people I’ve felt the rush of extreme emotion – despair, rage, acute sorrow, overwhelming joy, unconditional love. I’ve felt my heart beating out of my chest with fear, dread. I’ve felt guilt and shame wash over me like a red hot heat.  I’ve felt the dance … Read More

Kathy KrugerBursting with pride

The smile project

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It was bound to happen. Post-Problogger, when inspiration needs to turn to perspiration (or at least to words, if not sweat on a page) to find oneself post-less, as the Queen might say. Oh dear, what a bother! Bog on the blog. But while I may be post-less, I’m trying not to be pointless. I hope it won’t be too bad – I need to … Read More

Kathy KrugerThe smile project

Of creativity and patience

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I used to mosaic – as in cut up tiny pieces of tiles and lay them at random and in patterns to create beautiful (if I do say so myself) ‘works of art’ – pots, mirrors, picture frames, table tops.

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Kathy KrugerOf creativity and patience