Calm and confident – dive into life!

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The other day my Miss Yin told me she felt ‘empty’. She was upset and worried, the day before the school year started, although she didn’t end up making it to that first day, things ending badly in tears and hysterics. Oh God – I’ve felt empty before (too often, too much), but I can’t remember or even imagine what it … Read More

Kathy KrugerCalm and confident – dive into life!

I am funny (don’t laugh)

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It’s toilet training! I know I’m all serious about balance and contentment and gratitude and harmony etc etc. But underneath all that sobriety (you can laugh now) I’m giggling inside. But it’s toilet training! No laughing matter, you might say, but one has to chuckle (to paraphrase the Queen – can you imagine her actually toilet training Charles…eeehhh?… Queen:  How awfully improper – there … Read More

Kathy KrugerI am funny (don’t laugh)

Psst…sneak peak of a manuscript

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I’ve been hiding something in the bottom drawer for a while…a manuscript for a book I’ve written about our journey through infertility and adoption. I’ll bravely push the publish button on some excerpts on my blog, and I’d love if you could let me know what you think. All feedback welcome.

Kathy KrugerPsst…sneak peak of a manuscript

A new year, new ideas, old manuscript

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Happy New Year everyone! In keeping with the theme, it’s in with the new and out with any stuff that doesn’t work.  Hopefully that means a refreshed blog that you enjoy reading (well hopefully you enjoy reading it already, but you know what I mean). I’d love to hear your ideas for how I can make my blog better so … Read More

Kathy KrugerA new year, new ideas, old manuscript

Make up your mind to go with the flow

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NB – This post was orginally published on Tiny on 9 October, 2012. If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place. Lao Tsu. Long before health experts were telling us ‘you are what you eat’, even before Buddha spoke his wisdom, ‘what we think we become’, ancient Chinese sage Lao Tsu mused that … Read More

Kathy KrugerMake up your mind to go with the flow

Peace – in the night garden

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night trees

Having a two year old tends to change your television viewing habits. Now I know there are parents who insist (or say they do) that two years olds shouldn’t watch any TV. Really. I’m not that good. But there is an unexpected benefit to watching two year old TV – peace – and not just from the kids – but … Read More

Kathy KrugerPeace – in the night garden

The good the bad (and the ugly) of being a mother

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I’ve been wondering about when people stumble upon this blog whether they presume it’s about the good days (hopefully lots) and the bad days (sometimes too many) of being a mother. They would be right. You take the yin with the yang. I suspect newcomers to this blog could imagine I write (in brief) about my own good points and … Read More

Kathy KrugerThe good the bad (and the ugly) of being a mother

Hit the shuffle button on life!

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Is your IPOD/Phone shuffle playlist trying to tell you something? I’ll start by admitting I’m a sop (regular readers might have guessed this already, duh!). Which means my IPhone playlist of favourite, easy-listening, inspirational tunes is a little, or a lot, embarrassing (and mellow and melancholy). And I really should update it with a few newer songs!  I do have a … Read More

Kathy KrugerHit the shuffle button on life!

The gift of family – our special video, National Adoption Awareness Month

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It’s national Adoption Awareness Month in Australia and I’d personally love your support for how adoption changes lives, for the better. I’ve also finally finished a video of our adoption trip to China in October/November 2010.  We first journeyed to where our daughter is from in Hubei Province and had the privelege of meeting her Foster Mother. Then we travelled to Kunming in Yunnan … Read More

Kathy KrugerThe gift of family – our special video, National Adoption Awareness Month

Lessons from a two year old (thanks Little Yang)

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Lesson No 1 – You are never too old to learn, nor too young to teach I’m getting old – old to be a mother to a two and a half year old anyway! Had I given birth to him, aged 41.5, it would have been a geriatric pregnancy (don’t you just love that term!) and something of a miracle … Read More

Kathy KrugerLessons from a two year old (thanks Little Yang)

Balance at someone else’s level

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Lately my two and a half year old has been responding really well when I get down on his level. I say down, because of course he’s a toddler, so he’s only three foot tall!  I get off my ‘high horse’ (or mother superior’s position) and communicate – and it seems to work.

Kathy KrugerBalance at someone else’s level

Share the love XX

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I’m glad to have had some recent guest posts, so I appreciate if you are stopping by for the first time. It’s great to have you and I hope you like it here! I’ve had two posts on that great community Tiny Buddha – read about making up your mind to go with the flow – lessons I learned from a … Read More

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