Bloom like a lotus

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The lotus flower is a powerful symbol of unconditional love and enlightenment, which is why I chose it as beautiful inspiration to lead my first yoga workshop. Here is the meditation I did with students at the end of the workshop. Held in the heatwave, two days before Valentines Day, I urged my students to start with self-love and let … Read More

Kathy KrugerBloom like a lotus

Yin yoga – FAQ’s

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It’s hard to believe a year has passed since I taught my very first Yin yoga class, having just completed my yin training the month before – the experience took me to Cloud 10, which is floating as high as you ‘legally’ can. I’d like to say I haven’t come back down since, but hey, life! Still every time I … Read More

Kathy KrugerYin yoga – FAQ’s

Warm, not cold

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Sometimes (a lot of the time) in true yin-yang style, I try to understand something through understanding its ‘opposite’. I like to use simple analogies – we understand fast because we know what slow feels like, we know dark because we experience light. And we understand relativities – a racing car driver’s fast is going to be quite different to … Read More

Kathy KrugerWarm, not cold

Transitioning to….

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Drumroll…well actually it’s not that dramatic. Transitions imply slow and steady, even if it tis the season for rather dramatic metamorphosis…the whole life, death, to new life again message of Easter has got to be the ultimate reminder that change is inevitable (and even when it is quick it is seldom painless). This rather slack blogger is going to be … Read More

Kathy KrugerTransitioning to….

Give in to what is within

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One of my fellow yoga teachers wisely says: “yoga is not about the shapes you make.” That’s so true, and I’d add that yoga is very much about shaping who you are, or more accurately, revealing the shape of the real you. You’ve probably read plenty of articles talking about how yoga is much more than asana practice…and it is, … Read More

Kathy KrugerGive in to what is within

How yoga can support your detox

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Right, the rubber kinda hits the road in February doesn’t it – if you have plans to get healthy this year, then it (probably) should start with some kind of detox right now. Whether you strongly believe in detoxing or question its benefits; whether you go hard-core on dietary cleansing with all the juices, shakes, herbs, and potions, or simply … Read More

Kathy KrugerHow yoga can support your detox

Grief and sadness – how yoga can help

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I’m sorry for your sadness, sorry for your loss. I offer a virtual shoulder, and yoga. Have you ever cried in a yoga class and felt that rush of relief? I bawled like a baby during Yin yoga training last year in a two and a half hour class that went deep — which it turns out was exactly where … Read More

Kathy KrugerGrief and sadness – how yoga can help

Reinvention, again and again and again

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Maybe you’re in the midst of a mid-life crisis reinvention, maybe you’re too young for one, or perhaps you’ve come out the other side. Maybe you’re having an early existential crisis or perhaps (lucky/perfect you) you just don’t feel any need to reinvent. Who says you have to reinvent? Maybe you are just caught up in the Christmas car park … Read More

Kathy KrugerReinvention, again and again and again

One year on

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It’s been a year since I started teaching yoga. A year since I discovered what it is like to teach and started learning from my students. A year of discovering how much I still have to learn. It’s been one, two, three, four, five years since we adopted our Little Yang. Five years that have flown fast. Five years worth … Read More

Kathy KrugerOne year on

How to zone out to zone in during yoga class

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Yoga classes can sometimes feel really busy. There’s the teacher’s chatter, the sounds of other people breathing (sometimes heavy), the music, heat perhaps — not to mention the distraction of the cute guy in the front row. Maybe the class is crowded and you’re positioned a little too close to someone else’s mat for your liking (unless of course you’re … Read More

Kathy KrugerHow to zone out to zone in during yoga class

Angry yoga to get rid of the grumps

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So you’re angry, or frustrated, or just a little snarky (hey yogis, we all get like that). But yoga is there for you, to calm you, and so you can dump that anger right down on the mat rather than unleash it on your poor friends and family, colleagues, or unsuspecting strangers. You might think that when you’re angry and … Read More

Kathy KrugerAngry yoga to get rid of the grumps

How to create a great new morning routine

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It’s a new season and a chance to start a new morning routine – here are 12 easy steps. What are you waiting for! And if you slip with your new routine, the good news is there is always tomorrow.  Make the most of your morning and you’ll make the most of your day. READ MORE (of my post over … Read More

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Kathy KrugerHow to create a great new morning routine