Living simply when you still love things

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When you take the yoga path, it should be one of simplicity, spirituality, and humanity, right? Well, mostly right. I do favor serenity and nature over shiny things. I prefer to donate rather than spend lavishly. I seek to connect rather than compare, to experience rather than accumulate, to enjoy instead of consume, to love people not possessions. Spiritual trumps … Read More

Kathy KrugerLiving simply when you still love things

Everything you need now is already inside you

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I ran the words like a mantra in my mind, rolling like a yoga Vinyasa flow sequence – each word running effortlessly into the next, the sentiment slipstreaming and surging into a strong statement, building into a belief, a certain conviction – YES. It is. I can. And I will. And I could. And I did. Hold a strong, mighty … Read More

Kathy KrugerEverything you need now is already inside you

Crack open your heart chakra

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You can think of cracks as being the broken bits in your heart, or you can think of them as letting the light in – and letting your light, and love, out. For Valentines Day, and well, everyday, I’m thinking of the cracks in my heart as veins of pure light, crevices glowing golden with compassion, rivers or ruby red … Read More

Kathy KrugerCrack open your heart chakra

Why moderation matters (on and off the yoga mat)

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I may be committing heresy on a yoga blog (writing for DoYouYoga), but my message today is yoga in moderation.  Hear me out before you question my commitment and maybe my sense—it’s not #yogaeverydamnday in my book, but #yogayourbestway. If yoga is a form of self-care then the last thing you need to do is obsess about it. Read more:

Kathy KrugerWhy moderation matters (on and off the yoga mat)

Let the sun shine – the third chakra

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This time last week it was rainy days and Mondays on my mind. Today the sun in shining and I reckon it’s time for us to focus on the light that we can all shine out into the world – our own little individual sun we each carry around as the energy of the third chakra. Also called our Solar … Read More

Kathy KrugerLet the sun shine – the third chakra

Get your sexy on – the second chakra

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If you’ve lost touch with your sensuality, feel lacking in creativity or just feel like you can’t live out your passions, then it might be time to tickle the fancy of the second (also known as sacral or sexual) chakra. If you missed my pocket guide to our rainbow of seven chakras, you might like to start with the overview … Read More

Kathy KrugerGet your sexy on – the second chakra

The hot and sweaty truth

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So it’s been hot. Insert understatement. From Victorians with their hottest January night on record and South Australians with their bushfires (although both capitals have been un-seasonally cool and wet too), while people in Perth have scorched much of the month. Sydney has sweltered. Brisbane has melted in the mugginess. (And scientists have found 2014 was the hottest year in more … Read More

Kathy KrugerThe hot and sweaty truth

I see red (the first chakra)

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No I’m not angry and I’m not even obsessing about a run of stop lights (don’t get me started). I’m talking about visualising the colour red and focusing on the first (or root) chakra, with its emphasis on grounding us in security and stability in our lives so that we might grow. Last year I had a lot of interest … Read More

Kathy KrugerI see red (the first chakra)

Just breathe

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Breathe. In. And out. In. And out. So everybody is still alive after the holidays – that’s great. Last Friday I published the lazy guide to being enough in 2015 – most of you were too lazy to bother reading – perfectly understandable really as I haven’t torn myself too far away from the pool or the yoga mat over … Read More

Kathy KrugerJust breathe

5 yoga poses to get you ready for the new year

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At this time of the year, most of us get all reflective, then hopefully motivated.But we have to emerge from our festive stupor first. Of course, yoga can help.Turn to certain yoga postures to help get set for a 2015 of exciting new goals, and dare I use the ‘R’ word—resolutions. Mine are to do yoga every day (even just … Read More

Kathy Kruger5 yoga poses to get you ready for the new year

Tis’ the season – how yoga gets you into the holiday spirit

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While we don’t use the term ‘holiday season’ so much where I’m here in Australia (we’re more likely to use the festive ‘season’ or just plain old ‘Christmas’), in North America, it’s the ‘politically correct,’ universal term.Never discuss politics and religion happens to be a sensible creed I should follow—especially on a yoga website, but I don’t think calling it … Read More

Kathy KrugerTis’ the season – how yoga gets you into the holiday spirit

10 tips for fitting yoga into a busy schedule

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Life is busy isn’t it? Even though yoga, and particularly Yin yoga, bids us to slow down, work and school schedules, housework, and family responsibilities simply don’t stop. Fitting in yoga is often a trade-off (personally I’m trading in housework). Unless you’re on a yoga retreat or living in a monastery, yoga is always going to be a physical practice … Read More

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Kathy Kruger10 tips for fitting yoga into a busy schedule