Change is not a four letter word

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Change can feel like a four-letter word (not the one you’re thinking of) – FEAR.

But change is really a five-letter word – GROWTH.

At least that’s the theory I’m going with at the moment.

From our year spent living in Canada, I will always associate this time of the year with falling leaves, with letting go. And yet here in Australia, we have new spring growth, sunshine, longer days. It makes me realize again that change is both a letting go, and a letting in.

On my walk this morning (my first in a while) I could feel that palpable sense of change – the morning sunshine slowly warming up the still briskness in the air.

My yoga practice is changing me as I get deeper into my teacher training, but it’s not enough. I need more than a stronger sacral spine and a bendier back, and I’m working towards that better yogic outlook.

If you missed it, I’m doing Ocsober (would love some support for the Life Education cause here) – and one week in today I’m, well, cranky. As you get when you’re breaking a bad habit and the kids are being, well, kids, and hubby is celebrating with a beer for the grand final and because the next day is a public holiday. (In his defence, it was just a couple of quiet beers after he worked both days and he’s promised to ease off in moral support for the rest of the month, thanks hun!)

Astrologically, there’s an eclipse in the full moon tomorrow, and apparently CHANGE is happening, in capital letters.

It all has me asking myself, and you this important question:

  1. Do you see change as something that happens TO you, rather than FOR you? 

See how the mindset makes all the difference?!

And this important question:

  1. Do you see change as coming from the outside or from within? 

My answers –

  1. CHANGE always happens FOR you, because change is always growth, and growth is hardly a bad thing, even when it feels hard.
  2. CHANGE always happens WITHIN you, because it is always your choice to change, regardless of how external circumstances alter around you. We can choose to resist or resolve, accept, surrender and embrace change.

So how would you answer these two questions? And what changes are afoot for you? Love your comments below. Linking up with the lovely Jess for another IBOT and gorgeous Grace for another FYBF. And also linking up with Sonia, Kelly, Bron and Sonia for Weekend Rewind.

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                                        Kathy X 

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Kathy KrugerChange is not a four letter word

29 Comments on “Change is not a four letter word”

  1. Denise

    Thanks for this post Kathy. I’ve learned the hard way in the past that resisting change only makes it more painful! It has to come from within. I do feel this month is going to bring a lot of change for me (must be that eclipse) although it’s unclear exactly what will happen as a result xx

    1. Kathy Kruger

      I’m so feeling the same way Denise. I think I have to bite the bullet with work (or at least commit to a timeframe for leaving) and pursue writing/consultancy work. I hope the changes ahead for you yield lots of growth in your life.

  2. Michelle@myslowlivingadventure

    Insightful as usual Kathy. I am generally a bit resistant to major change but have been going with the flow a bit more recently and am finding that it puts me into a fearless position rather than fearful. My partner wants the family to move to SE Asia for work. I was dead against it, but am flowing with the idea, and now I think if it does happen it will be fun!

    1. Kathy Kruger

      WOW – that’s a big move, but a wonderful opportunity? Experiencing another culture is always eye-opening – we wouldn’t change the experience we had living in Canada (not exactly the same cultural difference, but a big move just the same). Good luck with letting change flow and I look forward to hearing any news.

  3. always josefa (@always_josefa)

    I love your thoughts Kathy, we always seem to be aligned. I am learning to allow change to move through me. I will no longer be the barrier of change. I will let change, life, possibility and curiousity flow through me and with that I will move with the ebb and flow that it takes me. Simple or silly in my resolution, it really seems to have changed the way I see things lately, and even the way things happen xx

    1. Kathy Kruger

      I agree with the idea of change moving through, and trying to move with change – and I reckon your thoughts on curiosity are really valid – if we close of our curiosity we close off new opportunities. Nice to have you back (so to speak)!

  4. mummywifeme

    You always get me thinking, Kathy. Most of the time I am a little resistant to change. Perhaps it’s the stubborn Taurean in me. Other times I seek it out. It depends on what it is and how ready I am for growth 🙂

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Renee I reckon everyone resists change to a degree (whether out of fear or stubbornness) – I guess it is a process of awareness of letting go of the initial resistance gradually – maybe sometimes we should listen to that resistance as a sign it isn’t the right change for us to make?

  5. This Charming Mum

    You’ve really got me thinking about the idea of change being ‘for’ you. I often see change – even if I’ve chosen to make that change – as a rejection of the past (of a bad habit, or a dead end job etc), but it’s quite powerful to focus on the possibilities of ‘letting in’ something new. Just a slight change of perspective but it makes all the difference! While I’m here…do you recommend any particular blogs/sites for astrological information? I’m not a big fan of reading my ‘stars’ but I’m really interested in watching the patterns in the moods around me as the moon cycles through the month. Sounds like we need to brace ourselves for the full moon this time around. Thanks 🙂

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Hi Lara – sorry to be so late in replying. Glad you like the flip in perspective about letting in – I really believe it helps us to let go. I’m with you in terms of not really reading my stars, but I do believe we are influenced by the planets and certainly by the moon (being female especially). Mystic Medusa is an interesting site – not just astrology but insights from tarot and the oracle (the Taoist yin-yang spiritual guide) as well as a blog. I’m interested in these things, but also believe we have all the wisdom we need inside ourselves if we can tap into it.

  6. EssentiallyJess

    I think things can happen that change you, but the degree of your change is within your control I guess. It really depends on the circumstances.
    It’s a good question.

  7. Have A Laugh On Me

    I did miss that you are doing Ocsober! GO GIRL! I had a week off in NZ and didn’t miss it at all, which is nice to know. It’s food I can’t seem to stop eating right now! BUT the weather is fabulous and I plan to get more active. Here’s to an amazing moon making great things happen for us all today. xx

  8. hugzillablog

    I have had SO much change this year, and it has been equal parts exhilarating and stressful. A huge year of growth for me and all because I made a conscious decision to open up and say “yes” to every opportunity that presented itself, even the things I’d usually run a mile from. It has changed my life in so many ways and this is the best year I’ve had since before I had kids. The “Year of Yes” has been the catalyst for all of this. A definite mind shift.

  9. mamagrace71

    Good on you for doing Ocsober. You’ll feel fantastic for doing it. I like how you’ve said that change happens FOR you. It always takes me a bit of time to get to that conclusion.

    1. Kathy Kruger

      So far so good Grace – I’m actually a bit surprised as things have been stressful too. It’s the power in willpower I reckon – and realising that change does happen for you help.

  10. NewLifeOnTheRoad (@NewLifeOnRoad)

    Change is so good, but some times I don’t see it being good till afterwards! I think that change is within, and it happens when life around a person is on a journey.
    I guess one grows as one experiences more in life, and yes its a growing experience.

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