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So I’m writing this post using the on-screen access keyboard, and I may have had a couple of wines – I’m clearly a better typist than I’ve ever given myself credit form! 9( CAN’T TELL YOU HOW MANY MISTAKES I’VE MADE TYPING THIS, I’M NOTHING IF NOT DEDICATED)

So, now for something to say as opposed to just type!

I have realised how much life lies beyond a keyboard (one that doesn’t work because a whole cup of coffee has been spilled on it!).

I’m still waiting for the replacement keyboard to arrive at the repair shop and we had to give Miss Yin’s laptop back last Thursday when she finished school for the year. I used our Ipad and my Iphone over the weekend to check FB (I know, technology deprived!), and now the batteries have gone on my USB keyboard (and of course I don’t have spares) so I’m resorting to the on-screen one, which is an exercise in patience! I know the Ipad touchscreen would be easier, but I need the exercise (in patience).

my high-tech non-functional set-up

my high-tech non-functional set-up

I know it is a recurring theme amongst bloggers to suddenly realize there is more to life, and I’m not the first to have this kind of epiphany – I may be the first to write about it using an on-screen keyboard (which incidentally has quite good predictive text) but is totally annoying! Ironically it builds on what I wrote last week about blogging and identity – we may find ourselves and others through blogging, but there is more of both to be found in real life, when we are prepared to look and especially when we are willing to change!

I reckon the universe (God) sent me the lesson of the spilled coffee to get me to step away from the computer for a while and meanwhile it has been very busy sending out all sorts of signals from Mars that are scrambling my brain, but are nevertheless as strong as the lesson of a strong cup of coffee.


Little Yang's evolving artwork getting more crazy, just like my brain

Little Yang’s evolving whiteboard artwork getting more crazy as the year progresses, just like the mixed messages reaching my brain

HeRE are some signals that I don’t reckon you should ignore when the universe sends them;


1. That sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach – don’t ignore it unless you know it is just last night’s dodgy take-away. It won’t go away, unlike food poisoning.

 2. DISAPPOINTMENT – over dinner, and lunch and breakfast – a constant feeling of things not working out leaving a bad taste in the mouth (even despite exercises in gratitude). Makes you feel sick in the stomach.

3. Unexpected disappointment – followed by a sense of relief that you’ve just dodged a bullet. Sinking feeling eases temporarily. It’s back again.

4. Being forced to slow down – by broken laptops and on-screen keyboards and the queues for gift wrapping, and the search for a car park and the LONG line-ups at the counters and the whole crazy rush that is Christmas, yet you are forced  to slow down…

5. Being forced to listen to the endless ’elevator ‘music of Christmas carols for six weeks (two to go0) and realizing you can’t stand it anymore, even though you love Christmas and realizing it is a metaphor for life (ie you love life, just not how its playing out right now).

Earth to MARS, I get the message, CHANGE – just as soon as I get this post finished!

ANYTHING need changing in your life? What signals do you tune into to know that you need to change?

Linking up with Jess for #IBOT especially because this has been so much effort. Sign block small

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Kathy KrugerChange – it’s just a click away

13 Comments on “Change – it’s just a click away”

  1. Zanni Arnot

    Hi Kathy, sorry I haven’t been here for a while. I have been missing reading your posts! Hope you had a nice time away. I get this reflection from time to time. Nothing like a damaged laptop to send the message home. I am just reading “Hands Free Mama” which will be released early next year, and it is a beautiful reminder to let go of the distractions provided by technology and embrace connection with our loved ones. I know this stuff, but it has been so great to really really connect with it, think it and apply it! My children’s childhood will so quickly be over… x

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Thanks Zanni – I had a lovely break and it always serves as a reminder of what’s important as we rush headlong into Christmas. Work is the problem for me but that will change – I’m going to make sure of it

  2. Tegan Churchill

    I have so much to change that for a while I didn’t know where to start. So that is why I started my change one thing a week challenge. It certainly feels a hell of a lot less overwhelming when you can break it down into baby steps.

  3. EssentiallyJess

    Well said Kathy. There are certain things that we just can’t, and shouldn’t ignore. The other week, I couldn’t get all my IBOT reading done, and I was so disappointed with myself, until I realised that by realising it wouldn’t happen, I was relieved. Sometimes you just need to step back, reassess, take a break and do it better next time.

  4. Renee

    Lol oh dear, Kathy. That really is a non functional set up. You are doing well though! When I get sick, start to get cranky or feel my throat tightening I know I need to slow down.

  5. aparentinglife

    Oh I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes even when you know it is necessary and for the best change can be so hard to bring about.

    Leaving some fairy wishes and butterfly kisses from #teamIBOT

  6. Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me

    You sure are committed lovely! I need to change the way I take on board others hang ups. I need to spend less time on the computer and more time playing. I need to spend less time working and more time living, but not until the husband has a job again! HUGS xxxx

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