Calm your kids with my collection of meditation videos

Our kids are soooooo over-stimulated these days with TV, videos and games on a multitude of devices.

It’s hard for them to sit (let alone lie down) and relax and be able to concentrate enough to meditate.

My theory is we need to make meditation a bit more like a movie or game experience – stimulate them to take a calming journey with colour and movement, fairytale style stories and relaxing music.

I hope you, and your kids, enjoy these meditations.

I will be posting more simple tips for teaching your children meditation, along with articles and resources from experts in the field.

Clouds and Rain Children’s Meditation

A short (4min30) video for children presenting a calming meditation fairytale style, inviting children to experience meditation through imagining their thoughts and feelings floating and falling away like clouds and rain.

Stress Less at school

Designed for slightly older kids (8-12) this one takes them on a calming journey through the universe to imagine stress disappearing like shooting stars.

Night time Meditation

Help your kids travel to the beautiful land of dreams and leave their day-time thoughts and worries behind, to sleep peacefully watched by Mother Moon and the twinkling stars. (3 mins)

Play and Grow – Children’s Meditation

Your kids can explore the meditation garden and peace playground to get happy and calm in this short (4min) video. (Oh and watch for the ‘bloopers’ at the end).

Children’s Meditation – get rid of the monsters in your head

A short (3min 30) meditation to help your children get rid of ‘monster feelings’ of fear, worry, anger and sadness. Calm your kids.

Children’s Rainbow Meditation

A short (5 min) meditation on the colours of the rainbow for young
children pre-school-mid primary school. A simple focus on colours to
find peace and calm down.

Kathy KrugerKid’s meditation

7 Comments on “Kid’s meditation”

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  2. thewholelifemama (@wholelifemama)

    Love this! Gabrielle Bernstein has a vlog on how to teach kids meditation and it’s such a wonderful skill for kids to learn, especially like you say in this highly digital world. I’ve taught my little one, as per the video, ‘Peace lies within me’ and we do it together. I don’t think she fully understands what it means but heck it’s cute watching her 🙂

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  4. Amie

    These are so amazing. My daughter has been watching or even just listening to most of these every night before bed. She loves them and is very interactive with them and it will calms her down from the day. It’s great and relaxing way to end the night with her!

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Thank you so much for the lovely feedback – would appreciate you sharing with any friends with children who might benefit. If you haven’t discovered I have them on You-tube.

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