Christmas pep talk

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Have you got Christmas sorted? You know like all the socks matched.

Are you on top of Christmas? You know like all the way through that mountain of washing.

There have been plenty of times throughout the year when I haven’t felt enough, despite banging on about balance and realising that since we are all born enough, the only way from there is to get better.

Christmas is a time when it’s easy to feel that you don’t do enough, despite doing a whole lot. It is easy to feel not good enough, when you compare your Christmas gift for the teachers or kid’s classmates to other people’s creativity and effort. Comparison is just not in the Christmas spirit.

Bron, Maxabella Loves – you are amazing.


Bron’s Elf Donuts – presents for each chid in her kid’s classes….impressive

Caz, Home Heart Haven, you are so clever – Caz also gives credit to a whole lot of creative people with her ‘keeping Christmas simple’ gift guide.


Caz is activating chocolate granola here – I have no idea what this really involves!

Sonia, Natural New Age Mum, you never fail to impress.


Because, just yum

I appreciate the talents and the generosity of lots of people on the interwebz sharing how to make Christmas sweet, yummy, wholesome, home-made, creative.

Me, well I do make white chocolate White Christmas and dark chocolate bliss balls, when I get around to it. And Christmas shopping, I will get on top of that too (starting today).

And I have made you a bit of a lame Christmas #peptalk, in case you’re a little challenged like me when it comes to Christmas. In the spirit of the season, maybe you’ll humour me and watch it.

How is Christmas challenging you this year? How are you finding balance in the festive season? Linking up with the lovely Grace for FYBF.Namaste sign off_edited-1

Kathy X

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Kathy KrugerChristmas pep talk

2 Comments on “Christmas pep talk”

  1. Blah Blah Magazine

    Great links. I’m like you I love so much that the internet has taught me and the clever ideas that are shared, but we all have to know that we can do a lot, but not everything. Thank you for the reminder!

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