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Lately I seem to be thinking (and writing) in song titles (eg my last post ‘Rainy Days and Mondays’). I’m listening to music more, creating my own daydreaming space. I’m a believer.

The Monkees sweet song doesn’t really make sense, but then daydreams aren’t supposed to. Released an eon ago (the year I was born), the catchy tune somehow nestled into my memory, although for all these years I thought the chorus went: ‘Cheer up sweet Eugene’, when the lyric is actually: ‘Cheer up Sleepy Jean’. Who knew? Who’s Jean? And what has she done with Eugene?

(I’m going to digress to discuss those funny misheard lyrics – check out this article – and you have to let me know your funniest ones. Hubby used to think Hot Chocolate sang: “I believe in Malcolm, where you from, you sexy thing’ – when of course it’s: ‘I believe in miracles, where you from etc’ (1975). Why hubby ever thought that Hot Chocolate would think a Malcolm might be sexy I’ll never know! I don’t know any sexy Malcolms.)

Eugene, in my mind if not the Monkees, was the daydream believer who dared to follow his fantasy and so got together with a homecoming queen, and while they don’t have a dime, they’re as happy as Larry lying in bed together, as you’d well imagine Eugene would be (but who the hell is Larry?).

Yep the stuff of daydreams. Silly songs. Blog post ideas. Notions of changing the world. Ambitions of saving the planet. Fantasies of fabulous proportions and delusions of grandeur. Castles in the air (so sang Don McLean, 1970).


See, I’m stuck on songs, so I should probably fess up to my childhood fantasy of writing a chart-topper (not singing it, I know my limitations). I imagined that with my way with words! (putting aside my relative lack of any musical ability!!) I would craft a song that people would sing for decades, generations. A song that would get under people’s skins (in a good way, not like ‘this is the song that never ends’, opps, sorry about that).

I haven’t written that ditty yet, but I dare to daydream a bit more these days.

In focusing on trying to establish a proper meditation practice, using guided meditation and concentrating on breath and mantras, I’ve become better at opening up the gaps between my thoughts. I’ve even gotten a bit better at silencing that snark in my head. But meditation is really about focused awareness to find stillness and that space where thoughts disappear.

Daydreaming is a whole other story – it invites thoughts to bubble to the surface at will and banishes rationality for flights of fantasy or the pursuit of hopes and ambitions.

It’s good for us, even if it gets a bad wrap (you know lazy, childish, procrastinator).

Lately she (that would be me) who never really takes a proper lunch break has been spending at least 20-30mins sitting in the sun or shade by the canal behind our office building just daydreaming. I put my iphone music on shuffle and listen, but not really listen, as I let my thoughts just BE.

And those thoughts sometimes lead to blog posts like this one. Right.

work daydreaming

Work daydreaming spot

It turns out researchers have been looking into daydreaming for about 60 years and far from being a time-waster, mostly we’re daydreaming about our goals and a brighter future, according to this ABC article.

“Just about every thought that people have is related directly or indirectly to one of their goals,” says Professor Eric Klinger from the University of Minnesota, who has been researching daydreaming and mind wandering since the 1970s.

“We often discover solutions or better ways of doing things than we would have, had we not had the mind-wandering space,” says Klinger.

Daydreaming can help us plan (in a round-about way), envision the future, provide distance and context to day-to-day happenings and give us creative inspiration.

While a frequently wandering mind (and most of us daydream a lot more than we realise) has been linked to depression and isn’t ideal in a learning or heavy task-driven environment, drifting off really does have a strong upside.

So while I’m all for mindfulness and meditation (and will be focusing on it on the blog for March), in the meantime I’m happily wandering wherever my mind takes me. I’m the Wanderer (Dion, 1961). Where is all this old music coming from??

In the shower, by the sea, in the sunshine, in the quiet, find time and place to daydream and see where you go.

Where does your mind take you? What songs are stuck in your head? What lyrics have you misheard?

Linking up with Grace for FYBF (because I have Friday on my mind – The Easybeats, 1966). And because it’s the Weekend, time to rewind with Sonia, Bron, Kelly and Sonia.

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Kathy KrugerDaydream believer

28 Comments on “Daydream believer”

  1. mummywifeme

    Ooh I love that idea of writing a song!! I have a daydream or two of my own at the moment, but I’m not ready to share them on a public forum yet. I’m always daydreaming lol. Probably a little too much at work. I’m always muddling up song lyrics, but none come to mind at the moment 🙂

  2. Mystery Case

    I have a thing for songs as well. Always have. I often nominate theme songs for the day, the week, the year. I attempted to create a theme song for the blog at one point last year. I might need to put that back on the agenda. I wanted to originally use BOP Girl but change to BLOG gal but the logistics and costs involved, because I wanted to do the right thing with the original song writers/management ruled things out. I girl can dream.

    1. Kathy Kruger

      A theme song for the week or month sounds great – would love to hear your blog theme song come together in whatever form. Keep dreaming and thanks for commenting.

  3. Amy @ HandbagMafia

    I love the idea of writing a chart topper but I don’t think pop music is for me- far too busy daydreaming to make it happen anyway! They’ve definitely been the cause of many a vague first impression that I’ve given!

    1. Kathy Kruger

      I do find it is a circuit breaker – actually scheduling in some daydreaming time – of course I drift off at other times too, but it feels nice just to let my thoughts wander.

  4. Lisa @ Read Write Run

    I loved the Monkees. I used to have one of their albums on cassette and I listened to it on my walkman. Back in the day. Daydream Believer was my favourite song. Thanks for the memories, and the laugh re: ‘Cheer up sweet Eugene’ lol I’m terrible at remembering lyrics, correct and misheard ones. I can associate the lyrics (or what I think they are) with the tune but I’m hopeless at remembering song names or their lyrics in the absence of the music. I’m good a daydreaming though.

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Some of that old music is really catchy and cheery and I have to wonder how it stays with us for so long – I do think we build memories with music. Thanks for visiting Lisa.

  5. deb dane

    I am a big daydreamer. I also have vivid dreams when sleeping. Basically my mind is always on but sometimes I am blessed with lovely wandering a of the imagination. Look forward to hearing about your song ; )

  6. allisontaitwriter

    I love daydreams. I daydream while I shower, while I garden, while I wash the dishes, while I walk. And then I write books.

  7. Vicki @ Knocked Up and Abroad

    My husband is a musician and I’ve seen the hard work that goes into writing a song, so whilst I am a singer as well, I am happy to leave the writing to him. It requites so much attention and dedication. I do love the imagery in songs, and yes, they’re good for the mind to daydream about. I have daydreams as well. It’s a lovely creative freedom isn’t it?

  8. Maxabella

    That’s a lovely spot for daydreaming, Kathy. I’m a lifetime DD, I think it’s my meditation. I can never do planned meditation, but daydreaming is so relaxing. One of my pet hates is when the kids interrupt my daydreams!! x

  9. Annaleis from Teapots and Tractors

    I use daydreams to play out how things might go both good and bad but usually the good so I get started on that goal or plan. It’s like trying out the endgame before you get there to see if you would like it.

  10. Sonia Life Love Hiccups

    I too am an avid daydreamer. It is so annoying for my hubby as I am always drifting off and my youngest boys has inherited this trait too. Daydreams are awesome although I always get confused – should we encourage them or are we then going against being present? So confusing! xx

    1. Kathy Kruger

      I think we need both presence in the moment and time to daydream and I think we have some of our best daydreams when we are present and not worrying about things too much.

  11. Mrs W

    What a lovely spot that is to daydream during lunch! I love daydreaming, and when I was younger I also used to daydream about being a musical legend, although in my mind I was actually the performer too. That hasn’t panned out. But I still like to daydream!

  12. Grace

    I love watching my boy daydream. He encourages me to do more of it.
    I used to write song lyrics all the time. Don’t think any of them would be chart toppers although one did when a national school competition. Ah, the days of high school and big dreams. Where did they go??

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