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How often do you twist? Not as in the twist yourself in knots of worry (too often), or the get-down-low-and-shake-those-hips Chubby Checker style twist (although come to think of it I should do that particular dance move more often – it’s great exercise).

I mean twist as in these yoga poses demonstrated below.

Twisting is great for you – and not just your physical body. Sure it trims the waistline ladies (and gents), lengthens and strengthens the spine (you’ll look taller, I promise), allows your chest (and importantly heart) to open, and stretches the neck and the opposite hip.

It also detoxifies your digestive system – think wringing yourself out like a dirty dishcloth (some of us ‘dirtier’ than others – all that Easter chocolate and wine turns to toxic sludge). Lovely image isn’t it! (you might also like to read the ‘post holiday’ yoga detox post I wrote for Do You Yoga after the Christmas period).

But what I love most about twisting is mental – in fact it’s the mental exercise I love most about yoga.

Twisting gives a great perspective on your past – in a seated twist you get to take the rear view and I love to see how far I can look back. Then when you twist to the other side (you must always do both sides – balance people) you get an entire 360 degree view of life (without being a Poltergeist). You can learn more here.


If you lie down and twist your legs to either side (supine belly twist) while stretching out your arms and looking to the opposite side as your legs, you experience how you need to both stretch and surrender in equal measure. And that’s a great metaphor for life. See it demonstrated here. This is a great twist to end a yoga practice.


And if you do a twist while standing, either bending into a chair position and twisting or coming into a deep lunge and twisting, then it is a shows you are prepared to turn to face whatever you need to face in a strong and powerful way rather than give in to fear. Oh and balance is involved (of course)! Here’s one strong standing twist,

So that’s it for me – short and sweet, and slightly twisted for a Friday. You could get all silly and try this, but I wouldn’t recommend it!


Linking up with Grace for FYBF.  Now go on, detoxify yourself of that chocolate. Are you a fan of twists, or chocolate?

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Kathy X – also leaving you with this meme I came across this morning.


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Kathy KrugerDo the twist

12 Comments on “Do the twist”

  1. Deborah

    I’m still capable of the lying down twist (I actually do it often to crack / loosen my back), but my belly now gets in the way of some of the others… 🙁

    1. Kathy Kruger

      It’s funny Deborah – I used to do yoga with this Indian lady and she was quite rounded in the middle – she used to just say ‘moving all stomachs out of the way’ and it cracked me up. The’s nothing like a good back crack.

  2. Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

    I’ve just started stretching my back again (it’s been giving me grief). I do that laying down twisting thing which does wonders. I am thinking I could probably use a few more twisty poses though. You’re posts are working on me Yinkyang. Slowly but surely I may become a yoga convert one day soon …

  3. Liz

    I’m a big fan of the laying down twist too. I find it so relaxing and love the description – stretch and surrender! Lovely

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