Don’t be a scaredy cat

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So it’s Friday 13th, and I’m telling fear to fug off!

Well I’m trying – I reckon just the act of standing up to fear, looking it in the face and telling it that while you are still afraid you won’t let it scare you, is the first step in banishing it for good.

I’ve heard it said that daring people (not just in adventures, but in life) are usually afraid like the rest of us, only they don’t let it get to them. They don’t run away in the face of fear, but say ‘Hi’, allow it to exist, and then work through it. The come through fear to the other side.

We don’t conquer fear by pretending we are not afraid.

In fact we don’t really conquer fear as such, we surrender to its existence, and then we BE BRAVE.

We can also call its bluff – because often times the fear exists more in our minds than in reality.

And even when there really is a circumstance that is frightening, with potential ‘bad’ consequences, we often make the situation so much worse by succumbing to fear.

You see the difference – between surrendering and succumbing.

One is an act of acknowledgement and bravery. The other is cowering in the corner, paralysed.

Anyway, I’m heading to Problogger conference today and while I’m not scared as such, I am a little apprehensive in the face of people who know a lot more than me.

I’m determined to be brave, and confident, and perhaps bluff just a bit about how much I know.

And fear, you’re not invited.

Hope you enjoy my little one minute meditation on fear – it is only an illusion you know (unless of course you’re being run down by a pack of lions, in which case it is rather real). I had a bit of fun playing with my video editing software.

Thanks for reading and watching – love your comments below.


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Kathy KrugerDon’t be a scaredy cat

5 Comments on “Don’t be a scaredy cat”

  1. Me

    I think you did a great job of bluffing how much you did know and how confident you were !
    Have a great week !

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