Friday ‘in the flow’

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This post is supposed to be a ‘Friday Find Your Flow’ and it’s Saturday already, so I’m kinda slow. Still flowing, but a bit like a lazy, languid river. That’s OK – its about the direction, not the speed!

Last week I talked about using your senses to ‘find your flow’. This week I’d thought I’d share a post I read recently from Barrie Davenport, the Life Passion Coach.

Barrie speaks of not wasting time with TV and mindlessly surfing the internet and instead spending it ‘in the flow’ – doing the hobby or work (if you’re lucky) that you are passionate about, when time flies, you feel totally satisfied and you literally ‘lose yourself’ in it. She has lots of great tips on how to develop your lifelong passion out of that thing you can’t help but lose yourself in.

For me its making videos – I can get wrapped up for hours on end video editing and mucking about in photoshop (when I can actually find the time that is). I love the creative process, the attention to detail, the flow. If you haven’t watched any of my videos, I’d love you check them out. And I have a you-tube channel also. I get this feeling of losing myself in my writing too, just not as often as I’d like!

So on this Saturday, I’ll pass on the Friday flowing words and hand over to the very wise Barrie Davenport – enjoy.

And I’d love to know when you get ‘in the flow’ or ‘in the zone’. I reckon if we all spent a lot more time in this special place we’d all be creating a much better world.




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Kathy KrugerFriday ‘in the flow’

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