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I don’t have a funny bone in my body, or if I do, it gets tickled, or knocked (and that bloody hurts) and then I completely forget the joke.

But not the experience – laughter = joy. That joy settles in the soul!

I can’t remember jokes to save my life, but saying that now seems so wrong. Can jokes save lives, or do they condemn us to contemplate a reality that is too hard to bear even with humour?

Humour makes light of things but sometimes (too often) it can’t make enough light in the dark. Not to light a way through sooo much dark.

RIP Robin Williams.

I’m really torn, in trying to pursue a yin-yang perspective on  life, in trying to see the light WITH the dark –  alongside it (ie night and day), in trying to chase the light (as in a moth to a light-bulb),in trying to see the LIGHT despite the DARK, in looking into the DARK and searching, searching for the light at the end of the tunnel. It is a prick. Or is it?


Balance says that light will always outshine dark, even when dark/light are ‘equal’ – it says that the dark in facts illuminates the light, if only we could see! And I believe that. It says that even in the light we can expect some darkness – and I accept that.

But then….

One of the funniest men in the world, a person who ‘seemingly’ saw the light-hearted side of things, gets so lost looking for/into the darkness of life. Maybe he looked too hard for light to gift to others, that all that he had left for himself were the shadows?

I don’t know.

What right do I have to write? To add to any, too many, words written in tribute, in contemplation, in exasperation that such a man could not find enough light in his life to go on living. WHY?

I have no more or less right that anyone else to search the shadows, to look into the blinding light and seek to really see, to illuminate what is in front of me in case it helps others to open their eyes.

Sometimes I think that yin and yang is just a load of silly shit – that life is all bad, and it is only luck that let’s us see any good at all. Mostly I truly believe that life is mostly good, and that sometimes we are actually lucky to see the bad, in order to appreciate the good.

Historical figures can come alive and counsel Ben Stiller to be a better man (thank you Robin Williams). They can make a museum, a place of history, transform into a place of imagination, and life and adventure. And I can count myself lucky to have experienced that actual museum (minus Ben Stiller and Robin Williams), to have witnessed some of the magic that history has left behind.  I can wonder how ‘Night at the Museum‘ is the only movie in our library that features the now late, great, Robin Williams, despite his amazing and enduring artistic (and otherwise) legacy. I can LAUGH as I watch it with the kids in his honour, and in comparing how small my legacy is (well so far). I can decide to NOT compare, to just laugh. We can always decide to just laugh.

We can mourn and laugh at the same time because that’s what yin-yang is all about.

And I can hope you might read, and laugh and smile at your own memories. For they are the history we both live with and leave behind.

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Kathy KrugerFunny/Sad same, same

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