Montage of smiles

My two happy children

This page will be dedicated to ways we can find to help us be grateful in life – for starters just smile, or even laugh! LIFE IS GOOD.

Here’s a montage of the different smiling faces of my two happy children (complete with chocolate cake on the face of my little boy).

I thought I’d start a ‘SMILE PROJECT’ to see how many people send in photos of their own smiling faces (or their kids) and I can create a montage of us all smiling. And that might just make us all laugh!

I’ll let you know details of the smile project soon!

I’ve also created a montage of smiling faces of family and friends in 2012 to celebrate the year.

great smiles of 2012_edited-2

Great smiles of 2012

Meantime you might want to laugh along with my Laughing Buddhas as they go on adventures.

Buddha at Crystal Castle, Byron Bay

And just try to appreciate the simple things – like what you get to eat. Have a great attitude! After all gratitude is just short of ‘great attitude’.

Start by being grateful for what you get to eat

One of my most popular posts is about ‘loving gratitude’ – you’ll be amazed at one woman’s story.

I also blogged about the hardest things I am grateful for – the most liberating kind of gratitude comes through surrender and if you are feeling hungry, I may have worked out how to cook with gratitude.

And perhaps you’ll get a laugh at what Little Yang did to my Gratitude Board – sometimes I’m even grateful for the chaos his 3 year old scribbling represents in my life!

Grateful for the chaos!

Grateful for the chaos!


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