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Little Yang and the Laughing Buddhas

I have three ‘Laughing Buddhas’ who occasionally go on adventures! The ‘laughing Buddha’ is a nickname for a popular Chinese folklore deity Budai. Budai is usually depicted as a fat, bald man who is almost always smiling and laughing. He is widely recognised in Chinese culture as a symbol of contentment.

Laughing at at the dawn of a beatiful day

A beautiful day – what’s not to laugh about

Budai is believed to have been a Chinese Buddhist monk of good and loving character who lived in the later Liang dynasty period. The monastry he belonged to later evolved to teach Zen Buddhism.

Budai is often seen as the Chinese depiction of the historical Indian Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama.

My three laughing Buddhas are lightweight statues that depict Budai in different expressions of mirth. They make me laugh, and appreciate the zen path to contentment.

And being small and lightweight, I can take them with me on adventures – if I don’t mind the embarassment! So far they’ve relaxed by the pool with Little Yang, been to the beach for the sunrise and I took just one of them along with me to a mountaintop yoga retreat – he has quite an aura about him below!










One lucky laughing Buddha got to go on our annual extended family holiday to Brunswick Heads. I felt bad leaving the others at home, especially since we got up to so much fun!

And one of the Buddhas may have been magically photoshopped into our Japanese holiday…it was a long way to fly.

Kathy KrugerThe Laughing Buddhas

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  1. Braja Patnaik

    Not sure if you know that there is another meaning to the 3 statues of laughing Buddhas that you have. It is not so with the buddhas, but with their gestures.

    The statues are seen as covering the mouth, the ears and the eyes with their hands. This signifies that in our life, we should not say wrong things, hear anything wrong/bad about others and look at anything wrong (basically meaning be complicit to wrong activities).

    Thought I would share this wih you.

    1. yinyangmother

      Hi Braja – thanks for that perspective. I have heard of the ‘hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil’ buddhas before – laughing and good – a pretty great combination.

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