Grief and sadness – how yoga can help

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I’m sorry for your sadness, sorry for your loss. I offer a virtual shoulder, and yoga.

Have you ever cried in a yoga class and felt that rush of relief? I bawled like a baby during Yin yoga training last year in a two and a half hour class that went deep — which it turns out was exactly where I needed to go.

Maybe you’ve shed a few silent tears in the midst of a dynamic flow class, the trickle seeming to flow with the Vinyasa and the breath.

Perhaps you’ve choked back tears in a Child’s Pose or deep into a Forward Bend — afraid of the waterworks releasing, swallowing hard.

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Kathy KrugerGrief and sadness – how yoga can help

7 Comments on “Grief and sadness – how yoga can help”

  1. Denise

    I love it Kathy. I haven’t cried in a class yet but I know people who have – it releases everything which is wonderful. I’ve recently started yoga again and I feel so much better for it x

  2. Grace

    I haven’t cried in a yoga class but have often cried during meditation and prayer. I give it all that I have and its a complete purge of my emotions. I always feel so better afterwards.

  3. Deborah

    I’ve cried during the meditation at the end of a class once. We had a sound …. (something) come and she used singing bowls and sang. I found it all really overwhelming… in a good way!

    1. Kathy Kruger

      The crystal bowls are absolutely amazing aren’t they – you can really feel the sound travel through your body and envisage the healing from the soundwaves. Friends of mine play the bowls and it is truly beautiful.

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