Have your rainbow cake and chakras too

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So who doesn’t love the look (and the taste) of Rainbow cake? Mmmm. And who doesn’t love the cooking (and the chaos) of baking it? Mmmm…me.

I’m pretty sure I won’t be baking this particular cake any time soon, even though I do love rainbows, and finding the rainbow inside us too.

And I like having my cake and eating it.

So if I can’t cook a rainbow, and I won’t try singing a rainbow, I’ll try to explain our rainbow of chakras (energy centres in our body), and how understanding them can help you cook up a delicious life.


Loving the Smarties on the side

Let’s start by saying that the Rainbow Cake, as good as it looks, actually has things upside down when it comes to our chakras. So right way up, here goes:

Red is for our root chakra – sounds a little naughty I know, and it sits at the base of the sacrum in the nether region. Known as Muladhara in Sanskrit, like all chakras it’s a centre of energy, rather than an actual physical point, although superficial activation is at the perineum.

When we think about chakras we want them to be balanced (surprise, surprise) and not blocked, so that our Kundalini energy (also known as prana, chi, ki) can flow in a swirling circle up our spine and eventually to the crown of our head, and to communion with God.

Our root or base chakra grounds us to the earth with a sense of security and stability. Excessive fear and leg problems are both signs that we need to strengthen and balance Muladhara. A strong root chakra provides a firm foundation for moving forward (and literally upward) in life, while always appreciating our roots.

Orange is for our second, or sexual chakra – who knew orange could be sexy! But seriously, orange represents creativity and flow. Known as Swadisthana, this chakra circles around our pelvic region and represents reproduction and the rhythms of nature. Associated with water, it helps create a strong flow of energy up the body, but when weak can show up in emotional and intimacy issues, reproductive problems and creative blocks.

Yellow is for our solar plexus, our third chakra and centre of power– the colour of self-esteem, like a big sun in our belly – you have confident to wear yellow. Manipura chakra sits at our naval centre to radiate out like a sun. An imbalance/blockage can show in troubles relating to others and a general lack of confidence as well as digestive issues. Balance and strengthen this chakra and you’re set to shine bright.

Green is the colour of the heart chakra, and also happens to be my favourite colour – known as Anahata, our fourth chakra is of course located at our physical heart and we usually talk of opening our heart (including our chest and shoulder region) to give and receive love. A closed or blocked heart chakra means we may be too judgmental and have trouble giving ourselves or others compassion and unconditional love. Depression is a sign of a weak or blocked heart chakra.

Blue is the colour of our throat chakra –clear like a blue sky and like the clarity we convey when we speak our truth. Vishuddha, our fifth chakra, represents communication and intuition, and health problems may manifest in our thyroid and speech.

Indigo is the colour of our third eye, or sixth chakra – this deep purple is often associated with wisdom. Anja is located between our eyebrows and also corresponds with the pineal gland in our brain behind our forehead. It is associated with balance and spirituality – following the path of truth.

Violet or white is the colour of our crown chakra (Sahasrara) – transforming into violet or becoming a clear white light, the kundalini energy becomes like a shining halo around us when we truly get close to God. This is the goal of yogic meditation and other meditation practices.

Through focus in meditation and through yoga postures that activate different chakras, as well as through different healing modalities, we can strengthen, open and balance our chakras – basically looking after our energetic/spiritual body.

Now if all this sounds a bit deep, or a bit ‘yogi cuckoo’, then just simplify the idea like you would to sing a rainbow.

Red – stay grounded

Orange – create

Yellow – be confident

Green – just love

Blue – speak your truth

Indigo – seek wisdom

Violet – know God 

Now for the icing on the cake – a rainbow cake recipe.

Read my Chakra series: I see red – the first chakra, and Get your sexy on – the second chakra.

Have you eaten/made/made a disaster of rainbow cake? Do you believe in chakras?

Linking up with the lovely Jess for another IBOT. (PS – you might want to check out my Children’s Rainbow meditation video if you haven’t already).

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Kathy KrugerHave your rainbow cake and chakras too

44 Comments on “Have your rainbow cake and chakras too”

  1. deb dane

    Kathy I loved this so much and would love you to write more on this. If you check out my manifesto (in today’s ebook and on my site on Thursday) unintentionally I was able to match up most of my points to the chakra ideas. I have been reading and learning about them this year and love it. A lot of the resources out there are either too academic (hello big words) or too shall we say woo woo (even though I hate that phrase in spite of it capturing my point). You are in the middle perfectly. Xxxx

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Thanks Deb – I really appreciate that feedback and I will explore more for sure. I see so much in common with spiritual ideas and mindful living generally that you just have to believe in chakras and the importance of a healthy ‘energy’ body.

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Thanks for visiting Malinda – you must be a great baker. Enjoy your chakra meditation – I think it’s so important that we engage our kids in being calm and mindful – never too young to start.

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Good idea outsourcing your baking – I know you are busy with so much else. I’ll be posting some more on chakras with advice on balance as a few people are keen to know more.

  2. Mrs BC

    Combining cooking with the spiritual is right up my ally! Great post, I loved it. Thanks for pointing out that the Chakras were upside down on the cake, maybe the cake maker was doing a spot of yoga and was doing a headstand? 🙂

  3. Denise

    Great post Kathy. I recently went to see a kinesiologist for the first time so I’m now fascinated by chakras. Rainbow cakes though… well I won’t be attempting one of those anytime soon!

    1. Kathy Kruger

      There is so much to learn – of course kinesiologists are experts and I’m just an amateur, but the yoga teacher training is increasing my knowledge – although not my baking expertise either.

  4. Me

    I definitely believe in chakras BUT as for rainbow cakes – it would be a total disaster should I ever decide to make one !!! Thanks for the explanations – it was great to read.
    Have a wonderful day !
    Me xox

  5. Jodi Gibson (JF Gibson Writer)

    I don’t know much about chakras but it seems very interesting. I love the way you have defined it, am bookmarking to refer back to. As for the rainbow cake, I love how it looks, just can’t get past all the artificial colourings!

  6. hugzillablog

    Loved this post. It’s so funny. Every time I KNOW that I’m not communicating my truth about something I ALWAYS end up with some kind of throat lurgie. I know it’s there, I know why it hurts! Just say what you need to say, Zilla!

  7. Pinky Poinker

    Where’s pink? I know… it’s not officially a colour of the rainbow. Rainbows are special to me. I always think they’re a good omen even if I just see one in a sprinkler as I’m walking along. A fascinating post Kathy and that cake at the top is exquisite.

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Sorry pink dips out – I should mention that pink, and the lotus flower in particular, is also associated with the heart chakra – I’ll do a post on the pink lotus flower just for you!

  8. Have A Laugh On Me

    What a great imagination you have Kathy, and I know I’m not giving my sense enough right now but I’m working towards it! I would never make this cake, too hard basket! Em – also visiting as part of #teamIBOT

  9. Tegan Churchill

    I love how passionate you sound in your posts about getting more in touch with our bodies. I think it’s great that our bodies can be broken down into parts like this, it certainly makes it easier to focus.

    One of my friends at school, her mum used to bake rainbow biscuits and she was the envy of everyone!

  10. mummywifeme

    I think I told you at Problogger that I’m having trouble with my sacrum. I definitely need to work on that red chakra. Green is my favourite colour too 🙂

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Sorry about your post-baby problems Renee, you poor thing. I know you’re doing some strengthening exercises and I can see if I can find out what might help from a chakra/energy perspective. X

  11. This Charming Mum

    My kids ate a rainbow cake at a birthday party recently and it sent them totally cuckoo (without the yogi benefits). I was once given the most beautiful gift of a set of coloured chakra stones. I haven’t revisited them for awhile. I think it’s time they came out to play again 🙂

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