Help! Who Am I (and who are you)?

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Who am I?

I feel like I have so many identities these days, in both the online and real world. And I don’t think I’m the only one suffering an identity crisis!

It’s all these online ID’s I’m required to have (and I don’t mean on Second Life or secretly moonlighting as Miss Crystal Wildfire or anything like that) that are driving me crazy.

From on-line banking to downloading music, dealing with the tax office to engaging in social media, checking webmail to accessing frequent flyer points, reserving a library book to ordering a pizza (that last one might be a bit far-fetched) you need different user names and (preferably, according to security geeks) a different password to match each of your aliases.

If you’re anything like me, you find it difficult to remember which password goes with which ID, or more likely, you just stick with the same password most of the time, lest you forget (I probably shouldn’t have admitted that!).

But some sites won’t allow a simple, memorable password will they? NOOO, they want a password that is 8-10 characters long with a minimum of two numbers and two capital letters, or six characters with no capitals, and don’t even think of using your pin number. No easy combination of your dog’s name and your children’s birthdays either. And then there are the security questions.  From my memory (which may not be so good) the Tax Office (or was it Family Assistance Office) asked for four or five secret questions, the more complex the better. Only if your secret questions are suitably obscure, like: What was the name of your Aunty’s neighbour’s dog, the one that was run over, not the one that died at a record breaking 25 years old?, will you be safe from a crazed hacker trying to discover your tax file number.

So I’m over so many on-line identities, and forever having to reset forgotten passwords, and wondering why, for some strange reason every now again, I suddenly have to re-sign into websites I should just remain logged into.  I’m OVER the multiple IDs online, and I wonder if this crabbiness is a metaphor for my overall frustration at the multitude of identities I have in real life, and the lack of an identity that really defines who I am.

I’m wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, friend, worker, cook (occasionally chef), cleaner, renovator, writer, yoga devotee, Cancerian crab etc– and I’m no different from anyone else. Last year, when we lived in Canada, I found myself identified with my nationality like never before. My accent defined me – I was the Aussie mother who’d moved into the neighbourhood. And I wasn’t much else. Of course I was, but suddenly I wasn’t perceived as much more. And so I had a (bit of a MAJOR) identity crisis!

It’s strange – the roles we play, the identities we assume, the labels we allow others to define us by, the tags we let stick. In a complex world, where most people seeks clarity and some sense of purpose by trying to define who they are and aren’t (and who others are and aren’t) have we simply become slaves to the search for identity? And in trying to balance our many identities, have we lost touch with who we really are?

Deep down I know the only password I require for happiness, or contentment in life, is realising that I am so much more than any online or real-life label or identity. And realising that others are so much more than the labels they wear (or that are applied to them). Realising that we are all connected, all one, together on the universal way, regardless of how we try to define ourselves by our differences.

After all the Yinyang symbol contains everything in the universe, all within a circle of love! In the end we are all the same, united in love. The ultimate password to life is love. So Log on.

And while you’re logged on, why not comment? I’m sure I’m not the only one confused over multiple passwords and identities.

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Kathy KrugerHelp! Who Am I (and who are you)?

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