Hollywood or Harmony – which do you choose?

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Fame and fortune vs harmony, happiness? Now I’m not saying the two options are mutually exclusive. I’m sure fame and fortune can buy a certain amount of happiness (maybe harmony?) …. BUT.

We visited both locations on our grand Californian adventure this time last year. We stopped to snap the famous Hollywood sign, but we didn’t really experience Hollywood or LA style.

Instead we ventured north, on the ‘Ventura Highway in the sunshine’.

We visited beautiful Santa Barbara, then detoured to wine country (cheers) with a stop at the ‘famous’ Hitching Post, made ‘famous’ in the movie ‘Sideways’.

Northwards, we journeyed on and found (by chance off Highway One) a less than ‘famous’ town called Harmony, known for its glass creations and its population – 18. And we marvelled at the serenity… and of course the journey continued.

Stay tuned. Big Sur, Monterey and San Francisco to come.

And let me know – ‘Hollywood’ or ‘Harmony’?

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Kathy KrugerHollywood or Harmony – which do you choose?

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