How much mummytime is enough?

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Just joking. We all know the answer is that there is never enough.

When I started this blog I imagined I’d be writing about Mummytime and Mother Guilt in sort of balanced proportions (you know enjoy some Mummytime and then feel guilty about it).

Instead Mother Guilt has been to the fore (at least 8 posts), and Mummytime has been a neglected category (well a tag at least).

In fact I’ve only tagged four posts under Mummytime, one being: ‘You want too much peace Mum’ and another being: ‘Because being a mother is all about the others’. Neither of these post titles sound all that promising when it comes to indulging in serious time alone (or away from kids), but that last one was about putting the mmmm back into motherhood (as in massage, mojitos, movies) so feel free to follow my suggestions.

Putting the mmm back into mother

Mostly I follow my advice to include meditation and a morning ritual (when I’m not slack) as part of everyday life.

I carve out time to write and read blogs (and sometimes even books) and I’ve gotten pretty ‘self-full’ when it comes to my yoga practice.

(Self-full being the new term I coined to replace selfish in this post about self-care – I need to apply my own advice – Being self-full is about ensuring you have the energy to live life to the fullest. And in living life fully you are a better person for those around you, for all you seek to serve.) 

I think I’ve successfully reached the point where I don’t see yoga as selfish anymore, which is just as well as I’m asking my family to indulge me as I do yoga teaching training starting in a few months time. And that will be serious Mummytime.

But I still don’t feel like I have enough time – well of course I don’t.

Time for friendships, girl’s lunches, girl’s night’s out, girl’s weekends away.

I had a lovely time last Saturday at a Hen’s night, but it feels like it takes such an occasion to ‘justify’ the time.

I’ve been less of a friend in order to be more for my family (and I guess the end result is also less for me).

Other than my annual yoga retreat (which I am missing this year, cue the violins, and happens to be next weekend, hence the timing of my whinge) I haven’t had concentrated away time in years.

The last girlie trip was with my mother and sister to New York, when we were living in Canada in 2011 – granted that was a pretty good trip.

I squeeze some time now and then for a shopping afternoon or coffee catch-up but for the most part, that’s it.

Now enough already with the whine. I know that in the scheme of things I’m lucky.

We all have the same 24 hours, and some people manage to be leaders of nations or brain surgeons, or parents to 7 kids within their allotted hours. Others are mothers with babies who watch time pass in a blur of sleeplessness and pinch themselves that its gone.

Our kids are almost 11 and nearly 4.5 – I have no reason not to get some sleep most nights.

I have a total of 168 hours per week (well we all do) – less the 32 hours I’m paid to work, and the 56 hours that is the recommended sleep – that still leaves 80 hours.

Let’s call it 12 hours a day to do, everything (anything) else.

When you look it like that I couldn’t be luckier, and when you consider I live close to work and we have created a life that mostly happens in a 10km radius (yoga is a 4min drive or 18min walk, school is 5mins from home and Miss Yin’s dance is only 8mins away) I am not having to waste time getting places.

I have no excuse.

So that’s my challenge to myself and to you – crunch the numbers, find some time.  Make some time.

And feel free to call me out on how lucky I am (even if next weekend, instead of the yoga retreat, I have the kids on my own while hubby is away – doing a job for my brother so I can’t complain).

Good company

Good company – memories from last year

What would you do with an extra hour a day – and how are you going to find it?

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Kathy KrugerHow much mummytime is enough?

9 Comments on “How much mummytime is enough?”

  1. Me

    What a great way to look at the time you spend out of your week doing things – I’m going to have a look to see where I can find a few more hours.
    Have a wonderful weekend – even if you can’t get away for your yoga retreat – there is something else that is special that will happen for you.
    Me xox

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Thanks Linda. I’m enjoying so much yoga as part of my routine (and preparation for teacher training) that I think I would feel indulgent to go on the retreat now – so nice time with the kids it will be.

  2. Renee Wilson

    Kathy, you always seem to be on the same wavelength as me. I never really have enough mummytime and when I do have some, it has to be a special occasion, plus I too have seen less of my friends to see more of my family. I guess that’s what we do though as mums, isn’t it?! I’m not sure … I would like to get into yoga, but need to repair my failing body first. Maybe I should see a doc in my spare hour 🙂

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Hey the wavelength is a bit late now – hope you have managed some Mummytime over the last few days. And get to yoga girl – sooner rather than later – take it gentle and your body will respond, it’s yoga practice not yoga perfect!

  3. Sarah Barrett

    I have Me-Time everyday. Rather than grabbing a takeaway coffee and running back home and around doing all my jobs, I sit for an hour and enjoy it. It has created a nice rhythm to my day.

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