How to create a yoga journal

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You love yoga, know that you are growing in your yoga journey, and you want to grow more. A yoga journal can be wonderful tool to document your development, help you get more out of your practice, and help you flourish in life too.

During teacher training, we were asked to keep a journal and it proved invaluable in recording and reflecting on what was a transformative period in my life. As someone who loves to write, I just let the words flow, vinyasa-style, and nine months later, I can see how much I’ve learned and changed.

Not everyone loves to write, but it is worth investing even just a few minutes after a class or regular yoga or meditation practice, and a little longer after a workshop or retreat, to jot down feelings and observations – taking stock of where you are at on your journey – no judgment, of course.


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Kathy KrugerHow to create a yoga journal

2 Comments on “How to create a yoga journal”

  1. Deborah

    I like this idea Kathy. I haven’t done yoga for ages, but when I was doing it regularly it (or more specifically the meditation at the end of the class) often brought a lot of things to mind. Twice I finished the meditation in tears. (Which was a tad embarrassing, but thankfully the group I was with were lovely!)

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Tears are perfect really. I had a pretty major meltdown during our last (two hour) yin yoga class – the waterworks flowed. It was what I needed and no-one judged. X

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