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Your flow is the thing (or things) you were meant to do. When you are flowing, time stops, you get the feeling that you could stay in the moment forever. You are completely and absolutely engaged and your energy and drive don’t dissipate.

When you flow you literally get lost in what you do, and yet you find yourself.

I think I’ve found what makes me flow, but I have to admit I’m not following it all the time, or even most of the time.

Sorry to disappoint.

Like most people, I get stuck in everyday life, in financial and family responsibilities and in the vicious thought whirlpool of ‘I can’t do it, I’m not good enough’ that sucks me under the eddy.


I do the hustle.

Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning.

But when things flow…..

I’m pretty sure I know when I ‘flow’ best – when I’m writing, video editing, interviewing interesting people, crafting and telling stories that I believe (or hope) could make a difference.

My ideal job work career would be creating great content that informs, inspires, motivates, empowers, supports causes I believe in, and maybe, just maybe, changes lives.

I’d love to create emotive videos, documentaries and engaging feature articles.

I’d love to speak and share great stories, campaign for causes and inspire people.

I’d love to share the lessons life has taught me in an empowering and motivating way.

I love playing with words, mucking about with video editing.  I’d love to hone my skills in video, photography and design and yet…..

I love the power of words and pictures together to tell powerful, emotive stories, which sort of brings me back full circle to my days as a TV journalist (those days of the horrible hair-dos and mostly pedestrian stories). Ironic really.

I feel like I know what makes me flow with the power of universal energy (along with yoga, and I’d also like to become a yoga teacher, you know, in my spare time!)

One day I’d love to lead writing and yoga retreats where words, wisdom and a profound sense of freedom flow, and maybe, just maybe, lives change.

And yet….

Finding flow can be hard, following it even harder. You would think things would just flow, but nah!

For Find Your Flow February I’d like to explore ways to unlock your flow pursuits and get and stay ‘in the zone’ in a series of posts.

There’s quite a bit of positive psychology theory, led by a guy with an impossible sounding name Mihály Csíkszentmihályi that describes the best or necessary conditions for finding flow, plus there’s a whole lot of Eastern wisdom around the concept.

I think a simple exercise is a great place to start.

Pick 3 or 4 things you enjoy doing (preferably by yourself or with a willing volunteer, and not sex – by yourself or with anyone else!)

Make them things you can realistically do within the space of the next few weeks.

They should be ‘creative’ activities you can spend a short block of time actively engaged in (for example an hour) and be able to ‘achieve’ something in that space of time (probably not complete what you start).

They could be existing hobbies or work-based activities you like (even if you don’t enjoy all aspects of your job). Think of things that give you intrinsic joy but also a sense of challenge.

They could be activities you’ve tried a few times before and enjoyed but don’t do (or get the chance to do) very often but feel you have a degree of skills to undertake.

They can’t be passive pursuits (like watching TV, listening to music or reading) – they need to be endeavours in which you create or produce something over time.

Painting, writing, designing things, decorating, cooking, craft, analyzing statistics?!, counseling, teaching, fitness training.

Maybe a potential ‘flow’ activity/career is something that you need to learn more about, get some additional skills or qualifications. For example you might really enjoy giving massages but need some sort of qualification to be able to ‘do’ this flow activity as a ‘flow’ career.

Now apply the time test to the potential flow activities you try – which activity really stops time for you – which hour-long period of activity feels like it flies by the fastest?

I’d love to know what makes you flow or if you are still searching for it. And this post, about letting go to find your flow, might help too.

Linking up With Some Grace for FYBF.



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Kathy KrugerHow to find your flow

16 Comments on “How to find your flow”

  1. mummywifeme

    Great post, Kathy. I’m so looking forward to this series. I agree finding your flow is hard, but being able to follow it is even harder. I definitely think I’ve found my flow with my blog, but as you say life gets in the way and it’s not always that easy to follow your flow or your dreams. Writing and yoga retreats sounds amazing. Keep up that positive thinking and you’ll get there!

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Thanks Renee – I’m really glad you’ve found your flow with the blog. I feel a bit stuck with it at the moment – have for the last few months, mainly due to work and other issues. I do get engrossed when I write and the words flow, but video editing is what really does it for me I think.


    Kathy I loved this post, The place I find it most is in the kitchen, creating and cooking but sometimes it’s writing, sometimes it’s photographic projects… sometimes. Perhaps I’m still finding my flow. 🙂

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