How to harness your superhero power

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Let’s just pretend for a moment that you’re a superhero (because you are) and play a game about what power you would most want to use for heroic good (and perhaps just a little razzle dazzle).

Would you choose invisibility and so be able to spy and eavesdrop on friends, family and foe (and random hunky guys) – for good people, for good?!

On that note might you choose x-ray vision?

Would you seek to mind read, so taking things a step further than a cloak of invisibility to clue yourself in to what everyone is thinking, all the time, not just the things they actually choose to say or do? Would you really want to know?

Would you choose the power to vapourize – instantly getting rid of enemies and problems, or perhaps getting yourself out of sticky situations?

Perhaps the magic to materialize help when needed (or maybe just a lazy feast when you can’t be bothered cooking or wine when the bottle is empty).

The thing is, superhero powers actually have to be extraordinary – they can’t simply be used for everyday convenience or the thrill of perving on Hugh Jackman (my pick) or Benedict Cumberbatch (if you like them tall, dark, handsome and English).

And the thing is you can be extraordinary – you just have to believe it.

I’ve been thinking about superheroes and their powers because we hosted Little Yang’s 5th birthday superheroes party on the weekend.

And you know what – I, with a great deal of help from hubby who did most of the cleaning, and Miss Yin who helped out with the games, did an everyday mum’s version of an heroic job of organizing said birthday party, even if I do say so myself. Kid’s theming and food, tapas and dumplings for the grown-ups, pass-the-parcel and musical statues, cake, costume items, prizes and of course party bags.

(Sadly I didn’t take the best photos of the party because I was busy, my phone is very old (iphone 4!)and the picture clarity isn’t great, and I’m cautious about showing the kids faces. But here’s an idea. Not exactly Pinterest worthy but…

I also managed to do my best to rock a cat woman costume, which kinda doubled as dressing up for hubby on Valentine’s Day (pity he had to work nightshift poor bugger, while I collapsed, after a couple of drinks, in a heap of exhaustion, any superhero powers seemingly deserting me).

The word hero probably gets overused these days in certain circumstances.

At the same time everyday extraordinary effort gets minimized or judged (often by ourselves against perfectionist, Pinterest-worthy standards) .

So what do I think makes a superhero – what are the special powers? Here are my top 5.

  1. Strong self-belief – dress the part, feel the part, be the part. Convince yourself and you’ll soon be heroic. You are already heroic in those little eyes staring up at you.
  2. Best intentions – good, noble intentions. Even if they end in cake fails, it is the intention and effort that counts.
  3. Supercharged love – this is love that has you still up at 11.45pm icing a cake or doing party theming, or making lunches, or organizing costumes, or paying bills. By then it’s 1.00am.
  4. Mighty Compassion – there will be cake fails and party essentials you forget (like I forgot toothpicks and we ran out of tissues – we did have lots of serviettes). And OMG, I just noticed in one of the pics that the ironing board somehow didn’t get put down! The self-awareness and self-love not to beat yourself up over your forgetfulness in the midst of all that scrutiny from the other Mums (who really are impressed) is heroic indeed.
  5. Hindsight, foresight and out-of-sight – Foresight is the best plan you can muster, hindsight is the sense to realise that plans don’t always work out and to extract the lesson, and out-of-sight is the absolutely amazing power to simply not worry about things you can’t control and certainly to never feel guilty about them. Harness this one and you’re home and hosed. Xray vision just can’t compare.

What superhero power/s do you want the most/already have?

Linking up with Essentially Jess for another IBOT.

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Kathy KrugerHow to harness your superhero power

10 Comments on “How to harness your superhero power”

  1. Min (@riteofthemiddle)

    It looks like you did a SUPER (hehe) job of organising a fabulous party for Little Yang’s birthday party!! I am SUPER jealous of how slim and fab you look in that cat woman outfit!! If I could choose some super powers – yes like Amy says above I’d like to be able to teleport and I’d like to be able to make myself invisible 😉

  2. chantel888

    Great looking party! We’ve got a 5 yo’s transformers party coming up in the next few weeks – really haven’t given it as much thought as I probably should

  3. Pinky Poinker

    You look fantastic Kathy… as usual. Little Yang is adorable and I hope he had a great birthday. It looks like he did 🙂 I’d definitely like to be able to teleport. I hate plane trips and airports.

  4. EssentiallyJess

    Awesome party, and you look amazing! I’m hoping to get my arms as toned as yours!
    I would love to be able to love more. I think that’s the super power I want most, and it’s probably one of the hardest things to do well.

  5. mummywifeme

    What a sexy little superhero mumma you are 🙂 You did a sensational job. I bet the kids had a ball. Can I be greedy and have all of those superhero powers you suggested? If I had to choose one, the strong self belief one is what I would choose today xx

  6. Sonia Life Love Hiccups

    I think I have the power of best intentions and compassion,,, but I would love a little more foresight.More importantly hot diggety – how good do you look in your cat woman outfit and what a gorgeous and clever party you put together for your little guy. Totally pinworthy!!! xx

  7. Grace

    I’m going to write down these down because now with this new job, I start getting a little self doubty and I need all the tools in my bag to keep those nasty thoughts at bay! Thank you, Cat Woman! (such a shame hubby missed out!!!)

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