How to zone out to zone in during yoga class

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Yoga classes can sometimes feel really busy. There’s the teacher’s chatter, the sounds of other people breathing (sometimes heavy), the music, heat perhaps — not to mention the distraction of the cute guy in the front row.

Maybe the class is crowded and you’re positioned a little too close to someone else’s mat for your liking (unless of course you’re next to that cute guy in the front row).

The collective energy of a class can be appealing – creating a yogic buzz – but sometimes you just want to zone out and zone in to your own practice. Here are few tips I’ve written over at DoYouYoga to turn your next class into a moving meditation.


Linking this post up for IBOT with Essentially Jess. If you practice yoga, do you find yourself easily distracted in class?

Kathy X

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Kathy KrugerHow to zone out to zone in during yoga class

10 Comments on “How to zone out to zone in during yoga class”

  1. Toni (Finding Myself Young)

    I’ve only ever done yoga in a one on one class {my friend was training to be a yoga instructor} so I never really had to worry too much. I think I’m a bit too embarrassed to do it in a group setting. I love that your kids do yoga with you. Will head over and read your article #teamIBOT

  2. Min (@riteofthemiddle)

    Another great article Kathy! I really must get back to yoga. I did 6 weeks of once/week beginner classes and then went away on holidays and have never got back to it. I even bought my own yoga mat! It’s just that the local yoga studio doesn’t really inspire me. I need to find somewhere (not too far away) that does! x

  3. Liz

    I find some days I am easily distracted and others totally focused and can relax without noticing even the busiest class! I guess it depends on my mood somewhat

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