How yoga can support your detox

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Right, the rubber kinda hits the road in February doesn’t it – if you have plans to get healthy this year, then it (probably) should start with some kind of detox right now.

Whether you strongly believe in detoxing or question its benefits; whether you go hard-core on dietary cleansing with all the juices, shakes, herbs, and potions, or simply seek to cut out the baddies (aka alcohol, fatty foods, processed stuff), there’s no doubt yoga is your friend in cleansing your mind and body — not to mention uplifting your spirit.

At the start of the year the traditional approach to resolutions often focuses on giving up stuff — and a detox firmly fits that bill. But change is as much about taking up healthy, life-affirming habits as it is ditching the bad ones.

If you can flip the focus to the good stuff you are letting into your life (like more yoga), letting go of the bad stuff suddenly gets much easier. After all, yoga and life always comes back to balance.

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Kathy KrugerHow yoga can support your detox

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