I love you (100th post)

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I love you for reading my 100th post and for joining me along this blogging journey for however long you’ve been here. I thank you. But the YOU I’m writing to in the title of this post, is in fact myself! Let me explain.

I wondered what would be right to write for a 100th post, which is a milestone for me at least – I don’t pretend anyone else would think it’s exciting (although there’s a giveaway at the end if you read on)!

I thought I’d mention that I’m moving from a mantra of ‘going with the flow’ to one of ‘find your flow’.

Find your flow 1_edited-2

It’s not a big difference in mindset – just more of an active take on participating in life, a subtle evolution.  We have to start by going with the flow of the universe in order to find our own flow – and when we’ve given ourselves some ‘yin’ time to contemplate our direction then at some stage we have to settle on it, and start paddling. So that’s where I’m at.

In pondering balance I’ve also come to the conclusion that it’s very close to the concept of ‘good enough’ and far less close to the (false) notion of perfection. Balance is our natural state – we move away from it when we resist flow.

We also find balance between highs and lows, in fast and slow times etc in each and every moment, so that we can live our lives ‘on balance’ exactly the way we want to (not all the time, in every way, but on balance).

At the heart of balance, is love (well that’s what I think). We still have to balance fear with hope and sadness with joy in our lives, but we bring ourselves back to the equilibrium of contentment through love.

So, with no further ado, a love letter template for you to use to write your own love letter to yourself.

love hearts

I love you because you……(3 behaviours/actions that make you loveable)

I love your ….(3 physical attributes that you love about yourself)

I love that you are like…..(pick a metaphor or make one up to show how you love yourself)

Of all the things that are loveable about you, my favourites are that you are …(3 adjectives that best describe characteristics that make you loveable)

Others love you for your…..(3 things that you are complimented for, or that you know others appreciate about you)

I love you even when…..(3 things you forgive yourself for – you deserve your own forgiveness)

Now gush…..(just pretend that you are writing to the love of your life and go for broke)

love hearts

Here’s my version (for some inspiration).

I love you because you care about other people, you seek to make a valuable contribution and you acknowledge other’s strengths and talents.

I love your smile with the lopsided dimple, the strength and flexibility you’ve got from doing yoga, your eyes when they are full of love.

I love that you are like a lotus flower that is blooming with ideas and creativity even though you are growing out of mud.

Of all the things that are loveable about you, my favourites are that you are compassionate, authentic and hardworking.

Others love you for your kindness, your honesty, your friendliness.

I love you even when you are full of guilt, when you judge others and when you put yourself down.

(Gushing) You are loveable because you want to do good in the world and your heart is in the right place. I love you for being brave enough to share your weaknesses. I love you for caring about what you believe in, even in the face of opposition.  I love you for wanting to be a good mother, for trying hard and for owning your flaws as a mother. I love your faith in the good of people. I love that you are moving away from chasing perfection to finding contentment in balance. I love that you are learning to be content with your body as you get older. I love that you are willing to learn and seeking to grow. I love that you are trying to be grateful.  I love that you love your family fiercely and that you uphold the ideal of unconditional love.

Strange selfie! Love the karma balance necklace.

Strange selfie! Love the karma balance necklace.

Now if you’d love a beautiful  bangle and bracelet designed and handmade by Zen Designs – the lovely Lisa of Random Acts of Zen – then all you have to do is share some looove. I purchased one of these gorgeous designs (the Karma Balance necklace) from Lisa a couple of months ago and love it (as modelled by headless me – an improvement perhaps!).

Lisa has generously joined me in a give away to mark my 100th post (the two pieces away are valued at a combined $50).

So to be in the running you need to like my facebook page if you haven’t already, and share one of my blog posts on your social media – and let me know. Can you also visit Lisa’s FB page Random Acts of Zen, say hello, and add your like. Share the looove and good karma.

And, now for the fun part, you need to leave a comment below revealing the secret thing you love about yourself that others might be surprised about (or maybe not so surprised). How might you start your love letter to your self?

Competition will close on Friday 15 June and the winner will be announced on Saturday 16 June.

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Kathy KrugerI love you (100th post)

32 Comments on “I love you (100th post)”

  1. Debra Dane

    Happy 100th post! I will be sharing THIS post later as I love the “love letter” template!
    I also love find your flow since my mantra is Find your simple – the FIND YOUR is the key bit in life!!!

    Secret love about myself? that I am an introspective nerd – i love to read, reflect, dig deeper and discover more about myself and life.

    1. yinyangmother

      Thanks Deb – and thanks for your support. I reckon you are right about the ‘find your’ – I had to get around to a way of thinking that self-love isn’t selfish – it is definately freeing! And I think we all benefit from your nerdy self-discovery!

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  3. Me

    What an AMAZING post Kathy ! And what a great template for others to use – thank you so much for sharing !!!
    The secret thing I love about myself – is that I am slowly learning to let go – be more flexible with arrangements, go with the flow and live in the moment. Life isn’t ALL about planning and knowing and organising – it’s about LIVING !!
    I love Lisa’s work – it is just beautiful !
    Have a great long weekend and take care !
    Love, hugs and positive energy !

  4. Grace

    Inspiring post, Kathy!
    I love that I don’t give up, that I’m passionate and I wear my heart on my sleeve…always with good reason.
    Happy 100th post! x

  5. Kim @ Spirited Mama

    Oh my Gish I don’t know if. I cld write a love letter to myself bu I love yours. I do love that I have an egalitarian spirit though. I really believe we are all equal, and that we all deserve the best xxx

  6. becc03

    Congratulations on your 100th post!
    I think this is one of the loveliest posts I’ve read. It is so easy to explain what you love about others, but what you love about yourself is not so easy. It should be the easiest thing in the world and yet, it is not.
    Becc @ Take Charge Now

    1. yinyangmother

      Thanks Bec – what a lovely thing to say. Yes, it is hard but I think self-love is worth working on, and expressing – we give others permission to love themselve and say so, when we love ourselves and say so.

  7. Sarah

    Congratulations on your 100th post. I love the idea of writing a love letter to yourself. We are always our harshest critics and we can not love another until we love ourselves. Thank you for this lovely idea.

  8. Rach

    100th….. Seriously thought that with what you have taught me it would be so much more lovely lady! I’ve been so caught up in the crap of survival in both my job and relationship that anything that is self focused has fallen by the way side! My favourite post of all your pearls of wisdom is the forgiveness post! I read and I wish and I pray that my already learned psyche can fall into line as you describe! You know what my biggest problem is? I don’t know how to forgive? I can’t forget? Is there a recipe? I’m full of love but is the betrayal bigger than I am able to forgive? Does my subconscious completely block my ability to forgive as part of self preservation mechanism. Or am I just so damaged that regardless of agitator….. I will never trust? Maybe my dad has so much more to answer for!

    I tried writing a letter to myself …… I have so so many areas I love and it is easy to write! Mostly I berate myself for being so weak if personally that I would let people treat me that way! My own fault I guess……

    Bring on more pearls my lovely. You give me hope that I may be able to see a crack if normal! You are beautiful. You are my teacher, my example and push to be a better me!

    1. yinyangmother

      WOW Rach – you say very nice things. I’m glad some of what I write helps you and I’m with you that forgiveness is really bloody hard. Let’s catch up for a proper chat soon.

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  11. Renee

    Yay! Congratulations! Love those templates. I can’t wait to have a good go at them later. As for Lisa’s jewellery, omg, they are gorgeous!!!!! Green happens to be my favourite colour too 😉 The secret thing I love about me is my ability to be forgiving and loyal.

  12. SarahD Nolan

    Wow I love this! such a wonderful I idea I really need to do something like this as I get lost in the hazy fog of babies and toddlers. Such a gorgeous post. Stopping by from Convoovercoffee alwaysjosefa

  13. always josefa (@always_josefa)

    What a beautiful post to link up to #convocoffee Kathy! Albeit crazy late, happy 100th post, I really love this line ” but we bring ourselves back to the equilibrium of contentment through love” that is something that has me thinking differently about love, balance and contentment today. Always love reading your words Josefa xx

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