Imperfect Easters

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Sorry to start on a downer, but Easter has rarely been entirely memorable for all the right reasons for me (you know family, relaxing times, friends, good food, just the right amount of good quality chocolate).

It’s not that I’ve never had a ‘good’ Easter, but the memories feel few amidst the mostly ‘bland’ and some downright not-so-good Easters.

We put so much emphasis on Easter – almost as much as we do on Christmas – to be a special time of holiday celebration, and it always feels so necessary as a recharge a few months into the year.

I’ll never forget a heart-broken Easter, when I was dumped by a boyfriend a week or so before, then had to have my Mum accompany me on one hour-plus drive to a job interview a couple of days later, because I was too upset to keep myself together. Needless to say I didn’t get the job.  And Easter wasn’t exactly happy.

There was another Easter, when I was working in media, living in Brisbane and drove the hour or so down to the Gold Coast to meet friends and go to a Jimmy Barnes concert that Easter Saturday night. This was in the days before mobile phones (really showing my age) and I was held up at work, arrived later than I’d hoped, didn’t connect with my friends and had to head to the concert on my own. Fortunately I found some other people I knew, but never managed to find the friends I was supposed to be staying with. Then my bag got stolen, with my wallet and the keys to my car, of course! Fortunately one of the guys I knew stayed with me, walked with me the 5km back to my car because there were no cabs, managed to break into the car, where we tried to get a couple of hours sleep until an emergency locksmith could arrive to cut a new key. Then I had to drive back to Brisbane, dropping into my grandmother’s house for a quick shower (and a sob) before heading into work for Easter Sunday.

Epic. Easter. Fail.

Amongst our nine IVF failures, there were two times when the bad news arrived on the eve of Easter, and celebrating seemed too hard. Easter Fail again.

Between working all or part of Easter myself in the early days, to hubby seemingly working at least part of most Easter breaks since (as a firefighter), we’ve seldom been able to plan camping trips or other short breaks away. This year hubby works Easter Sunday and Monday.

I have a distinct memory that mostly when we did go away for Easter as a kid it rained – not just a little bit, but often torrential (especially when we were camping). At least my memories are mostly soggy ones.

But before I put anymore of a damper on Easter, I should mention some fond memories – last year we managed to get away for two nights camping with my sister and friends and had a lovely time, even if we had a few sprinkles. When we lived in Canada in 2011 we had a cold (and still soggy) spring Easter – lovely new-found friends invited us, and my parents who were visiting, to their family cabin by the lake for an egg hunt and hot dogs over hot coals.

Last Easter – pretty perfect

If you (as I do) consider the religious meaning of Easter I reckon it is appropriate for Easter to feel both ‘good’ and ‘bad’.  The death of Jesus on the cross on Good Friday is a sorrowful occasion for Christians, the sadness replaced by joy with His resurrection on Easter Sunday.

Easter contains both the sadness and disappointment that is part of life, as well as the hope and joy that we celebrate. The happiness is more profoundly felt because it follows sadness. Death is followed by new life.

So I guess that’s what Easter is for me – a reminder that life isn’t perfect, but it can still be imperfectly wonderful.

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter. Linking up for FYBF, With Some Grace and linking up with the lovely Zanni for Sunshine Sundays with the theme ‘Easter’.

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Kathy KrugerImperfect Easters

11 Comments on “Imperfect Easters”

  1. Lauren @ Create bake make

    I’m sorry to hear of your Easter disappointments, we received the news of our first IVF fail on Easter Saturday a few years ago. I think you have summed it up perfectly with “life isn’t perfect, but it can still be imperfectly wonderful”. Thank you for sharing and I hope you have an enjoyable Easter this year x

  2. Renee

    Oh those certainly are some epic Easter fails. I love your thoughts around this though. The good and the bad, Jesus being crucified and then his resurrection. Nice linkage. Well I hope this Easter is one of the good ones 🙂

  3. Zanni Arnot

    That’s a lovely reflection at the end Kathy. I find celebration dates are often like this – good/bad. There’s so much expectation, hype and inevitably stress. This year, our Easter will be very low key. For us, it’s mainly about family, but we try to keep it small and simple. Thanks for linking up, and hope your Easter this year runs smoothly! xx

  4. Lisa@RandomActsOfZen

    You’ve certainly had eventful Easters Kathy! It seems to be true with big occasions, doesn’t it? Good and bad things happen, and we always associate the day with them.
    I hope this Easter will be filled with good memories for you and your family xx

  5. Bec | Mumma Tells

    Despite symbolism and bigger pictures… when it comes down to it, Easter and Christmas are just other days. They are real. So it is absolutely fitting that it brings with it good and bad. I hope this year your day is full of happiness, Kathy. X

  6. Lee-Anne

    Goodness, you poor thing – no wonder you feel ambivalent about Easter. Associations with events really do impact on the occasion – we had a bad Christmas a few years ago and still shudder about it.
    Your post is uplifting, Kathy and the pics gorgeous. 🙂

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