Kids (and adults) meditation March

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When I practise meditation I’m a better person. On that note, you would think I’d practice religiously, but life has a habit of getting in the way, doesn’t it?!

Still in my quest to be a better person, I’m going to be more religious! 

My goal is to make March a month of meditation – I did this last year too – road-testing different meditation and mindfulness techniques (you can read about them here).

Last March I also posted to You-tube two kids meditation videos I created – one a Clouds & Rain meditation and the other a Rainbow themed meditation. Both are between 4-5mins. It’s hard for kids to concentrate beyond this timeframe.

My theory is that our kids are soooo stimulated by visual mediums on a myriad of devices, that they find it even harder than many adults do to just close their eyes and simply listen to guided meditations.  They get bored, they fidget, they can’t concentrate. Thoughts assault them, like they do us adults.

Kids want their meditation with rainbows and fairytales, lots of movement and bright, colourful images. They want to engage with meditation like they would a favourite game or TV show.

Well that’s what I think. I reckon most kids don’t think about meditation at all, don’t even know what it is, or the benefits.

I’m on a quest to change that.

The good news is, my two children’s meditation videos have had a combined 12,800 views on Youtube in the last 11 months (do little happy dance) – while they aren’t exactly viral videos, they’ve obviously resonated with some people (and hopefully some kids).

I’ve got some other ideas bubbling away in my head – a customisable kids meditation app amongst them….bubble, bubble.

In part inspired by working with Miss Yin to overcome her anxiety issues, I’ve put together a new video, designed to help kids get rid of the bad feelings (fear, worry, sadness and anger) by getting rid of/or making peace with ‘monsters in their heads’.

Hope you like it – and please spread the video links and the word – I’m sure we all want calm kids.

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Thanks & Cheers

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Kathy KrugerKids (and adults) meditation March

5 Comments on “Kids (and adults) meditation March”

  1. Annaleis from Teapots and Tractors

    Thanks for sharing your videos. I’ve tried meditation with my little man on the Autism Spectrum without success before. Might have to try these out on both children and see how they work. Great idea!

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