Let the sun shine – the third chakra

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This time last week it was rainy days and Mondays on my mind. Today the sun in shining and I reckon it’s time for us to focus on the light that we can all shine out into the world – our own little individual sun we each carry around as the energy of the third chakra.

Also called our Solar Plexus chakra (or Manipura in Sanskrit) the third chakra is located in the stomach area, midway between navel and sternum – it’s literally the centre of your body, your core essence and represents your power source. Not surprisingly its colour is bright, sunshiny yellow.

So if you’re ready to shine, let’s amp up that personal power (and if you missed my previous posts in this series, you can learn about the whole rainbow of chakras, and more about the first (root) chakra and second (sacral or sexual) chakra.

But first, there’s that small matter of self-esteem

Yep, if you’re self-esteem is low then you seriously need to work on amping up the energy of your third chakra. While the second chakra is all about your sense of sexuality and creativity, how you relate intimately to others and how well your creative energy flows, the third chakra is about how you take your confident place in the world, shining bright and moving forward with a strong sense of self and purpose.

The ego is the embodiment of our solar plexus energy and for a balanced and healthy chakra we want to think in terms of strengthening our big E ‘Ego’ (I don’t meaning having a big ego, but a strong sense of identity built on self-love, self-awareness and self-discipline). Small ‘e’ ego energy can manifest in cockiness, aggression and over-blown pride (usually born out of fear and insecurity), low self-esteem, excessive self-judgement and passivity (literally a feeling of powerlessness).

The energy of the third chakra is built on self-love and every time we judge ourselves we weaken our power – like running down our battery.

Every time our little ‘e’ ego seeks to self-inflate at the expense of others we separate ourselves from the true power of the universe – like unplugging from our own battery source.

Having a healthy third chakra means harnessing universal source energy and channelling it into our own personal power that radiates confidence in our abilities and warmth towards others. You feel free to choose your actions, you exercise strong willpower and you don’t worry all the time about what people think. You listen to your gut (ie you trust in your personal power). Your gut feeling is literally your own sense of confidence, because you know that when you act with love you are being powered by the universe, because the universe is powered by love.

You realise that by shining brightly you illuminate the way for others. You don’t seek to outshine other people, but recognise that radiating yourself doesn’t dim the light of others. It’s literally like everyone in the universe gets supercharged on each other’s power.

The sun doesn’t always shine brightly, but it is always there 

So if the battery is feeling a bit flat remember that the sun, shining up there in our universe and inside each of us, is an eternal source of light and energy. On cloudy days we don’t sense it’s full strength, but if you’ve ever been sunburnt when it’s overcast you’ll attest to its presence. Of course when it is dark we don’t see the sun but it’s still there, illuminating the other side of the world and out into our solar system. We might see the moon instead, reflecting the light of the sun in exactly the same way we reflect the light of the sun.

Sometimes the sun seems to choose us to be in its spotlight. At other times we are in the shadows but you can be confident it will be your turn to shine again.

Weakened solar plexus energy may show up in a sluggish or inflamed digestive system. Problems with the liver and gall bladder also reflect third chakra issues. Depression, with associated low self-esteem, can literally make you feel sick in the gut, worried about your own worth and other’s opinions of you and scared to act because you feel powerless and unmotivated.

So, to get your solar plexus charged with Energizer batteries, you can try some affirmations that build self-esteem and yoga postures that work on building your core abdominal strength (Pilates would be great too).  The natural element associated with the third chakra is, not surprisingly, fire, perhaps explaining my love of hot yoga as I seek to take a confident and purposeful place in the world. So I thought I should model the only thing I own that is yellow – a new crop top for yoga (worn with a new skort) as for the very first time I bare my midriff in class (and here!).

yoga midrif

My new yoga crop top – bright yellow


I love and accept myself

I stand up for myself

I choose the best for myself

I direct my own life

Now go shine girl!

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Namaste sign off_edited-1Kathy X



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Kathy KrugerLet the sun shine – the third chakra

23 Comments on “Let the sun shine – the third chakra”

  1. Min (@riteofthemiddle)

    Very interesting Kathy! I think I have weakened solar plexus energy and my self-esteem has always been an issue. This is definately a chakra that needs some work for me. How good do you look in that yellow crop top!! I think (err KNOW) my crop top days are wayyyy in the past! lol

    1. Kathy Kruger

      I suspect the weakened third chakra is an issue for lots of us and a ‘women’s issue’ particularly. The crop top is staying strictly for yoga class, not street fashion!

  2. Deborah

    Love that top! I am hopefully again working on my third chakra. Before my seachange I did Pilates a couple of times a week (for 5-6yrs) and felt quite strong in my core. Alas… 2yrs, 30kg and no Pilates later it’s something I need to strengthen. Again!

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Deb – I bet from doing Pilates for that long you have the muscles underneath that you can get strong more easily than you think. Third Chakra is one for me (and I suspect most of us) to work on too.

  3. Michelle@myslowlivingadventure

    Really interesting Kathy. I would say I have a very strong sense of personal confidence ( and I thank Mum and Dad for that – whatever it is they did!) but I find that when I disconnect too much from all the earthing elements in my life, get too stressed or overwhelmed, everything seems to become a lot shakier. It doesn’t take that much to tip me out of balance.

    1. Kathy Kruger

      It’s great that you know how to feel centred Michelle – coming back to nature, meditating, breathing all help for sure and great that at your centre you feel self-assured.

  4. Nikki Morgan

    My third chakra yells at me regularly at the moment by tying itself in a big knot. I am definitely not trusting the flow of all things good and letting the big E rule my thoughts. xx Nikki @ Wonderfully Women

  5. mummywifeme

    I think all of my chakras need a good working over! I love your affirmations. I will definitely take them and use them. Looking great btw!

  6. Druimé N

    I really love this Kathy as you know I unknowingly have been working on my third chakra. I had no idea the colour was yellow but I wrote a poem about yellow being the colour that was helping me. I suddenly was attracted to yellow. I even bought a pair of yellow silk trousers. It is all piecing together ! Thank you ! Ps Love your yellow Top !

  7. Tegan Churchill

    I think my Solar Plexus is pretty much non existent. It definitely took a beating today and every time I come against someone who questions me, I find myself spiraling. I definitely need to work on the self affirmation, rather than relying on others to give me that affirmation.

    1. Kathy Kruger

      It is hard not to be influenced by others judgements – we keep having to remind ourselves that we control our own sense of self and that what people say about us (or when they ignore our abilities) says more about them than us. Chin up.

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