Living simply when you still love things

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When you take the yoga path, it should be one of simplicity, spirituality, and humanity, right?

Well, mostly right. I do favor serenity and nature over shiny things. I prefer to donate rather than spend lavishly. I seek to connect rather than compare, to experience rather than accumulate, to enjoy instead of consume, to love people not possessions.

Spiritual trumps material most of the time (I have a soft spot for interior design but mostly just lust after things in magazines, sigh). I look inward to contemplate (and, sadly, still compare) more than I look outward to compete (“…but she has really nice shoes, and check out those yoga pants!”).

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Kathy KrugerLiving simply when you still love things

8 Comments on “Living simply when you still love things”

  1. Deborah

    Not logged in over there, but I love your tips – AND the flexibility. I’m trying to live simply but there are a few things which really nourish / nurture me. Some less than ideal (TV and my online world) and others not quite so bad (reading, baths). I’ve tried – hopefully successfully – to focus my materialism around those areas. I want to make sure my ‘desk / office’ space is desirable; same with my TV-watching space for eg.

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