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More or less everything comes down to less or more, or less is more don’t you reckon?

More of the good stuff, less of the bad stuff – but of course balance doesn’t have to be equal.

So when it comes to our good health, we can distil what most of us need to do into that simple (yin yang) dictum:

yin yang good health

Of course some people may actually need to eat more, and if their body is telling them to ease back on the exercise, move less. But for most of us, eat less, move more works pretty well as a starting point.

And then we start to look at the nuances of what makes for good health (and happiness) – wellness.

Eat more fruit & vegetables, eat less junk food

Sleep more, stress less

Read more books, read less social media

Play more, work less

Want less, give more

Save more, waste less

Drink more water, drink less wine (oh alright)!

Blog more (or blog less)

Meditate more, ruminate less

Do yoga more and realise that less is more – it’s yoga practice not yoga perfect.


Love more, hate less (well don’t hate at all really)

MORE: Music, writing, nature, long conversations, new recipes, swimming, paddling, silliness, board games, big dreams, goals achieved, play with the kids, listening, energy, hope, peace, harmony, love
LESS: Financial worry, work worry, cheese (oh no), wine (oh no), yelling (as little as possible), clutter, procrastinating, anger, conflict, judgment, fear

And sometimes less really is more – like good quality dark chocolate you want to savour, and like the lesser amount of work you get done today than you’d intended, because you’ve given yourself a break to relax and think (and can thus get more work done, more efficiently later on). More work in less time is generally a win all round.

Of course we need to decide whether we’re talking a little bit or a lot for those things we want to expand or have less of in our lives. I don’t think the quantum matters as much as the commitment to do/be more or less – from there you can start to quantify the equation and step towards the changes. And if you’re off to a bit of a slow start in 2015, take heart as I write about in my latest post for Tiny Buddha – slow can be the way to go.

So what’s on your MORE and LESS list this year?

Linking up with the lovely Grace for FYBF.

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Kathy KrugerMore or less

17 Comments on “More or less”


    Your more or less list pretty much sums up the balance I’m seeking this year. In fact it’s so perfect I’m printing it out and putting it on my wall as a gentle reminder. x

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