Morning storm

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It rumbles in, low and soft and soothing. I’m woken not by distant thunder or tapping rain, but a scared and spluttering son.

He nestles in beside me in bed, coughing all over me, as a I cuddle away his fear and sickness.

I have two half-written blog posts that I could finish for the Friday link-up with the lovely Grace, but this storm time is too special.

No need to get up in the overcast half-dark, no desire at all to leave a little boy whose fear turns to laughter as we snuggle and talk (or a hubby who pretends to snore with his back to us).

How can the storm get us, when we are safe and warm in bed and it is outside, all the way up in the sky, I tell my little man. It’s a safe and calm storm – we are lucky – no howling wind, no deluge, no prospect of damage. Just the promise that all of yesterday is washed away and we can start this day anew.

It feels good to wake up to that promise, almost as good as the overnight snow that whitewashed the landscape to turn everything clean, crisp and new. How I miss such snowfalls from our year in Canada. That sense of starting again.

Whitewash the past and start again

Still we don’t need storms, or snowfalls, or bright, brilliant sunrises to feel like we can start over – we just need to change our internal weather (and there is no need to be scared).

This was my yesterday, in 100 words, at the prompt of Clairey Hewitt, blogging every day in May (I’m pretty sure I won’t be boring you that often, but we’ll see when inspiration – like lightning – strikes).

1 May, 2014

Not what I expected, but still the same. 

Youngest sick, miserable more than ill. Whiney. Just a little spewy. 

Stay home, try to work (sort of). Still don’t get much done!

Rearrange arrangements. Sickness stalls, stops time – invites deep breathing, reflection, even as a carer.

Finally he sleeps.

Car smokes on the school home run, or maybe the dance home run. Pick up. Drop off. Water needed. 

Husband needed, finally home.

Head off to after-work function, after not going into work. Sort of surreal.

Coulda, woulda, shoulda – with career, life, full stop. But life is unexpected.  And also the same. 

Do you love morning storms? How do you change your ‘internal weather’?



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Kathy KrugerMorning storm

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