A page for random musings and gripes from the mad, mad world of motherhood. Links to some of my favourite posts and articles, coming soon.

Here’s a lovely pic of our two beautiful kids (below), and I wanted to share something very personal – a letter I wrote to our daughter’s birthmother several years ago. I feel even luckier now to have our son also. Click here to read the letter.

I’m also sharing some excerpts from the memoir manuscript about my journey to motherhood, through infertility, IVF and adoption. I’d love you to read and appeciate any feedback – The End of the Red Thread.

And you might want to check out the video I made of our adoption of our precious Miss Yin (below): Unfortunately we lost all of the video of our adoption of Little Yang when my laptop and our video camera were stolen in a break-in. Fortunately we had some photos and video from our friends and I was able to make this video, which I still think captures the memories.


Sometimes you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel but mostly it’s lovely


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