Nothing is ever black and white

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Nothing (well very few things) are truly black and white.

Even when really bad things happen to really good people, there may be some good to come out of the situation. If only HOPE.

In looking at a ‘negative’ situation, you can try to see the small ray of light within – just as the yin-yang symbol contains a small circle of light within dark (and a small circle of dark within light).



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While most people are familiar with the yinyang symbol, I’ve come across some lovely variations in my time exploring all things yin-yang. I’ve also photoshopped a few different versions of my own over my time on this blog.

So for something simple for a Friday, I thought I’d share a few of my favourites.

Which one/s is your favourite?

Roots in the earth, reaching for the sky

Roots in the earth, reaching for the sky

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Night and Day

Night and Day, sun and moon

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Yin Yang plant – always growing, changing

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The lifestyle I love

The yin and yang of love

yin yang holding hands

The yin and yang of friendship

Yinyang olympics medal

Yin and yang united for the Olympics


Open your eyes to the world around you, close your eyes to see the universe

Spice up your life with a bit of balance_edited-1


Water puts out fire


Yin yang red thread heart


I want this yin yang lounge chair


Here’s cheers

Linking up with the lovely Grace for another FYBF.


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Kathy KrugerNothing is ever black and white

4 Comments on “Nothing is ever black and white”

  1. mummywifeme

    You need to get that yin yang lounge chair for your house, Kathy! I like the universe one too. Very cool.

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